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Welcome visitors!

Aerial photo from Denmark. Credit: Elgaard.

Wikinerds Corral ( ) is a wiki where you can upload texts and photos and other files (such as ogg audio or software program listings) under free/libre open-source and open content licences. We also accept public domain text, such as constitutions etc.

For everything you upload you must provide sufficient details about the file's licensing, otherwise we'll delete it. You need to register and login in order to upload files.

All uploads to this wiki are shared with the rest of our wikis, such as JnanaBase, NerdyPC, and Adapedia.

The founder of Wikinerds Corral is NSK.

New Orleans flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Credit: Jeremy L. Grisham, United States Navy.


We accept various licences. The following are the licences we like most, so we recommend you to use any of them, the first listed being the most preferred and the last being the least preferred.

Recommended licences:

File:Freedom House world map 2005.png
Map of freedom around the world. Credit: Jebur (based on work of Vardion).

We also accept the following licences, but we don't recommend them. The first listed is the most preferred and the last is the least preferred.

So, what do you wait for? Upload a file now! You can upload files with extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, xcf. For other extensions you will receive a warning. You will also receive a warning if you try to upload a file larger than 1MB.


Wikinerds Corral is a project of the Wikinerds Community

Your use of this website is governed by our Legal Pages. Please pay special attention to our Linking Policy.