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Current Events

  • Everybody remember to adjust their time offsets in Special:Preferences or edits will seem to have taken place an hour early!
  • Tolkien Gateway's next meeting is scheduled to take place on 6 December 2019. Please note down any ideas for discussion and your intention to attend here.
  • Tolkien Gateway's previous meeting took place on 3 November 2019.
  • You can now join the Tolkien Gateway on Facebook! Mith has set up a Facebook page for TG in order to advertise the wiki to Facebook users; do join and invite others.
  • Mith has been entrusted with the responsibility of adminship status. Good luck and congratulations, Mith!
  • After two years of dedicated service Ederchil has been awarded bureaucrat status. Congratulations, Ederchil!


  • 12-12-12 - Doubled performance of server to accommodate increase in traffic. (over 20,000 unique visitors per day!).
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It is important that the community of editors on this site contact each other. The Tolkien Gateway offers various ways to do this, these are listed below:


Here follows a list of policies which you should adhere to whilst editing: