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Any registered user can nominate an article for featured status. It should be well-written, complete, illustrated, and referenced. After nomination, an article should receive five votes with with no objections within a month or so. Each entry should begin with Agree or Disagree and be signed by the user. One vote allowed per user, of course. For the sake of practicality, let's limit active nominations to two articles at a time. Further nominations should be held in the queue, in reserve.


It's a pretty impressive article, and well deserved for my favourite character and such an interesting character.-- KingAragorn  talk  contribs  edits  email  07:14, 6 June 2008 (EDT)

  • Agree. If I'm not mistaking, Gandalf has already been FA once. That doesn't mean it can't be again, but it's near the end of the queue. Oh, agree, btw. but the sourcing needs to be a bit better. -- Ederchil 08:01, 6 June 2008 (EDT)
  • Agree. This article is extensive, appears complete, well-referenced, and lavishly illustrated. It is a prime example of what an FA should be.--Theoden1 13:31, 7 June 2008 (EDT)
  • Agree. Yes, quite well done. Excellent, in fact.--Ingwe
  • Agree. Nice long article, good information, plus good introduction into Tolkien. Unsigned comment by ZehnWaters (talk • contribs).
  • Agree. After reading it, I have to admit it is the best article we have.--Odysseas-Spartan53 10:50, 23 May 2009 (UTC)
  • Agree. Exellent Article! Besides, Gandalf is the heart of Tolkien's work. His article deserves to be featured. mthomas 12:30, 7 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Agree. The first thing new users see is the main page, and generally people are most familiar with Gandalf. --Yurpee
  • Agree. A central character in the LoTR trilogy. Everyone knows who he is and he deserves a good moment in the spotlight. -- Naruvir


Gondor would be a good choice. It's extensive, covers many bases, and has the requisite references. It should be next in line to be voted on for FA status.--Theoden1 10:41, 28 July 2008 (EDT)

Undecided - although well-written, I think it needs to be better referenced as we should only show off the very best articles that TG has to offer. --Mith (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 14:19, 24 September 2010 (UTC)


Don't need to say much about Eriador, perfect example of good article. --Morgan 21:17, 2 January 2011 (UTC)