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==Upcoming Meetings==
==Upcoming Meetings==
*'''[[Tolkien Gateway talk:Meetings/2 January 2011|Sunday 2<sup>nd</sup> January 2011]]''' - <small>([[Tolkien Gateway talk:Meetings/2 January 2011|Talk page]])</small>
==Previous Meetings==
==Previous Meetings==

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Tolkien Gateway: Meetings is an attempt which hopes to bring editors of the encyclopaedia into a monthly chat to discuss the progress as well as the future of the site. Meetings will take place on our IRC network and you can check the time of the meeting by clicking on a link to the next meeting below. Before the meeting, users can give their ideas for discussion by clicking on the link to the next meeting below. For those unable to attend a meeting, you will still be allowed to write down thoughts prior to the meeting which will be brought up by someone else. Transcripts will also be available after the meeting for non-attendees to read.


Current Meeting Time

Each meeting will take place on the first Sunday of every new month.

Sundays, 7pm UTC on IRC Channel.
PDT (PST + 1) MDT (MST + 1) CDT (CST + 1) EDT (EST + 1)
12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm
BST (GMT + 1) CEST (CET + 1) EEST (EET + 1)
8pm 9pm 10pm

Upcoming Meetings

Previous Meetings


To join the meetings, you will need to use an IRC client to access the correct server and channels. To do this, you can use an IRC client, or you can access it using the browser-based client, Mibbit:

  • Mibbit - Browser-based Client

There is a variety of different IRC clients available for you to use, more prominent ones include:

  • Chatzilla - As an add-on to Firefox.
  • XChat - Free, stand-alone application.
  • IceChat - Free, stand-alone application.
  • Bersirc - Free, stand-alone application.
  • mIRC - Shareware.
  • Colloquy - For Mac users.

After you have installed the IRC Client, you will need to set it up to access Tolkien Gateway IRC channels; the following information should be useful:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: /join #Wiki