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Tolkien Gateway: Meetings is an attempt which hopes to bring editors of the encyclopedia into a chat either weekly or monthly or bi-weekly (heck or any increment of time) to discuss the progress as well as the future of the site. Meetings will take place on our IRC network and the times for the meetings has yet to be decided. For those unable to attend a meeting, they will be allowed to write down thoughts prior to the meeting which will be brought up by someone. Transcripts will also be available after the meeting for non-attendees to read.

Suggested meeting periods

Sign your name under your preferred time period

Once we choose a time period we will then move on to choose the specific day to meet, and then the start and end time of the meeting.


  • IRC clients

For mIRC: /server -m
For X-Chat: /newserver

Users will autojoin #TolkienGateway on connect, if it gets too loud in there we can move to another channel such as #TG-M.