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<&Mith> Welcome, one and all, to Tolkien Gateway's 17th meeting. Ederchil, Eldarion (Telcontar), Hyarion, KingAragorn, Mith, Mithrennaith and Morgan are all in attendance.
<Morgan> Thank you!
<&Mith> The first item on the agenda is Myrtone's (who's not here), suggest to install the OpenID extension.
<Ederchil> care to explain it a little?
<&Mith> This will allow anyone with an OpenID to access TG without having to sign up. OpenID providers include AOL, BBC,[2] Google,[3] IBM, MySpace, Orange, PayPal, VeriSign, LiveJournal, and Yahoo! (according to Wikipedia).
<Morgan> Facebook?
<&Mith> No
<Morgan> Ok
<&Mith> To be honest, I think even if people have an OpenID they're not often aware of it.
<mithrennaith> I think that is quite likely, yes.
<Eldarion> and most people want to choose a custom Tolkien-related username for TG
<Morgan> True.
<mithrennaith> That too.
<Morgan> Like "Morgan"
<&Mith> So I think the benefit is marginal considering the technical faffing around.
<mithrennaith> agree
<Eldarion> i said most^^
<Ederchil> agreed
<Eldarion> agree
<Morgan> +1
<&Mith> So are we against it?
<Ederchil> yes
<mithrennaith> y
<Eldarion> jep
<Morgan> yep
<&Mith> OK
<&Mith> Myrtone's second suggestion was to install the LiquidThreads extension for the Forum and all talk pages.
<&Mith> You can see it, here: (Link:
<Eldarion> would that solve our forum problems?
<&Mith> (All those topics are all on ONE talk page.)
<Eldarion> omg
<Morgan> Is it still in beta-phase?
<&Mith> Yes, still beta
<&Mith> But, it is used on some Wikimedia projects so it's not entirely untested
<Morgan> Do we know what is causing our current problem with the forum?
<&Mith> I just think it's over-solving a problem, to be honest
<mithrennaith> Tend to agree with Mith
<&Mith> We haven't got a problem with the layout of threads at the moment, we have a problem with displaying what threads there are. This wouldn't solve that problem unless we converted the whole Forum into one talk page.
<Eldarion> yes, agree
<mithrennaith> What’s standing in the way of solving our current forum problem?
<Ederchil> tend to agree with mith
<mithrennaith> I see KA has dropped off the chat ...
<&Mith> I have been unable to locate the problem with the current forum
<mithrennaith> Hyarion?
<&Mith> I have a hunch that tags don't work
<Morgan> Hyarion, do you have any idea?
<mithrennaith> In general, or specific?
<mithrennaith> Tags, I mean
<&Mith> DPL Forum: Too few categories!