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Tolkien Gateway:Meetings/6 March 2011/Transcript

[2011-03-06 20:58:35] <Hyarion> KingAragorn, looks like your topic is first, would you like to start?
[2011-03-06 21:02:02] <Morgan> ...
[2011-03-06 21:02:43] <Morgan> Did the UK suddenly lose connection to internet?
[2011-03-06 21:03:52] * Hyarion pokes Mith and KingAragorn_
[2011-03-06 21:04:31] <Mith> I thought we were waiting for KA
[2011-03-06 21:04:41] <Hyarion> just checking to see if you were still around.
[2011-03-06 21:06:23] <Morgan> Seems we have to do without KingAragorn? Do you want to start with your topic, Mith?
[2011-03-06 21:06:59] <Mith> Well, I don't think it;s legitimate to vote on FA rules if Ederchil or KA aren't here
[2011-03-06 21:07:41] <Morgan> True enough, I agree
[2011-03-06 21:08:24] <Hyarion> well, we can always roll the topics over to next meeting
[2011-03-06 21:09:34] <Morgan> Perhaps it's hard to gather enough people for a meeting - my suggestion would be a vote on a talk page/forum. Although the problem might be that we won't get so many votes.
[2011-03-06 21:10:14] <Mith> Maybe
[2011-03-06 21:10:39] <Mith> Breragor sort of distracted us with his footnote crap
[2011-03-06 21:11:36] <KingAragorn_> yeah, I was just looking for ideas for the new skin
[2011-03-06 21:11:53] <Morgan> welcome back!
[2011-03-06 21:12:05] <KingAragorn_> sorry I'm always away for meetings
[2011-03-06 21:12:28] <Morgan> apologize accepted ;-)
[2011-03-06 21:12:54] <KingAragorn_> i thought it was self explanatory anyway
[2011-03-06 21:13:48] <Hyarion> there's not too many freely available MediaWiki skins that I like.
[2011-03-06 21:14:11] <KingAragorn_> well the idea is that we make our own
[2011-03-06 21:15:05] <Morgan> (I'm satisfied with cavendish!)
[2011-03-06 21:15:29] <Hyarion> indeed, I think that one has a good combination of simplicity without being too simple
[2011-03-06 21:15:34] <Hyarion> I just wish it was more Tolkien-themed.
[2011-03-06 21:17:21] <Morgan> IRRC, didn't Mith say something last meeting about a Hobbit-themed skin (in connection with the new films)?
[2011-03-06 21:17:34] <Mith> I did
[2011-03-06 21:17:34] <Morgan> IIRC
[2011-03-06 21:17:55] <Mith> That's what I'd like to make
[2011-03-06 21:17:57] <Morgan> Do you think along those lines, KingAragorn=
[2011-03-06 21:18:44] <KingAragorn_> yes a hobbit based one would be great
[2011-03-06 21:19:02] <KingAragorn_> any ideas about what we should aim for?
[2011-03-06 21:19:22] <Morgan> Hyarion - would you be keen on having such a skin?
[2011-03-06 21:19:47] <KingAragorn_> should we make it less 'wiki-like'
[2011-03-06 21:19:58] <Hyarion> the easiest modification would be to change the header on the Ithilien skin
[2011-03-06 21:20:00] -->| Amroth ([email protected]) has joined #Wiki
[2011-03-06 21:20:09] <Hyarion> hi Amroth
[2011-03-06 21:20:17] <Morgan> hello Amroth!
[2011-03-06 21:20:22] <Amroth> hi all
[2011-03-06 21:21:12] <Hyarion> I think the hardest part is finding someone who can create a good looking skin as it is quite difficult.
[2011-03-06 21:21:14] <Mith> Ithilien and Cavendish skins need updating anyway in order to make the search work properly
[2011-03-06 21:22:26] <Morgan> Mith and KingAragorn - do you feel you have enough technical skill to construct a new, working skin (I'm just asking since I have no idea)?
[2011-03-06 21:23:11] <Mith> Yes. As Hyarion said before, the key is simplicity
[2011-03-06 21:23:34] <Mith> It doesn't have to be really flashy, but it needs a simple elegance, and, essentially, needs to work
[2011-03-06 21:23:54] <Mith> My problem with the Ithilien skin is that I don't think it's very friendly to outsiders
[2011-03-06 21:24:00] <Mith> Whereas Cavendish is probably a bit too boring
[2011-03-06 21:24:16] <Mith> It would help if we had our own brand, i.e. a logo
[2011-03-06 21:24:20] <Morgan> (ehum...Cavendis is for the real scholars...)
[2011-03-06 21:25:14] <Morgan> Hyarion, would it be alright with you if Mith and KingAragorn worked on a skin, to be approved by you? (I'm a bit pushy since I don't have so much time tonight)
[2011-03-06 21:25:38] <Amroth> G2G
[2011-03-06 21:25:40] <Mith> I have to admit, I used to be an Ithilien-hated. But since I've fixed some of its little faults I've been using it constantly
[2011-03-06 21:25:40] <Amroth> Bye
[2011-03-06 21:25:50] <Hyarion> ttyl Amroth
[2011-03-06 21:25:56] <Mith> Bye, Amroth!
[2011-03-06 21:25:57] <Morgan> Bye, bye!
[2011-03-06 21:26:06] <Mith> hater*
[2011-03-06 21:26:06] |<-- Amroth has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[2011-03-06 21:26:08] <Hyarion> Morgan, of course, and if anyone needs the current source files we can make them available for download
[2011-03-06 21:26:14] <Morgan> Haha!, That was a short visit
[2011-03-06 21:26:37] <Mith> I was playign around one day and I installed a new skin
[2011-03-06 21:26:44] <Mith> Don't thnk I deleted it
[2011-03-06 21:26:48] <Mith> GuMaxDD
[2011-03-06 21:27:02] <Mith> There was a reason I installed it. Can't remember what that reason was. :p
[2011-03-06 21:27:42] <Morgan> (testing GuMaxDD)
[2011-03-06 21:28:34] <Mith> It's a funny thing, isn't it!
[2011-03-06 21:29:00] <Morgan> it feels at least more modern than Cavendish!
[2011-03-06 21:30:10] -->| KingAragorn__ ([email protected]) has joined #Wiki
[2011-03-06 21:31:13] <Morgan> So, can we decide on that Mith and KingAragorn may work on a new skin, to be presented later? I mean, I'll probably hold on to Cavendish anyway (unless there will be editorial advantages with a new skin), but I see the value of a fresh, new skin for 'outsiders'
[2011-03-06 21:31:48] <KingAragorn> yeah the idea is to make it appeal to new visitors
[2011-03-06 21:31:55] <KingAragorn> especially with the release of the films
[2011-03-06 21:32:34] <Morgan> I totally agree with these reasons
[2011-03-06 21:32:38] |<-- KingAragorn_ has left (Ping timeout)
[2011-03-06 21:32:42] =-= KingAragorn__ is now known as KingAragorn_
[2011-03-06 21:32:56] |<-- KingAragorn_ has left (Quit: ttyl)
[2011-03-06 21:33:20] <KingAragorn> also to help people find articles better
[2011-03-06 21:33:23] <KingAragorn> like on AoE
[2011-03-06 21:33:29] <KingAragorn> or EoA
[2011-03-06 21:33:31] <KingAragorn> :P
[2011-03-06 21:33:43] <Mith> Yes
[2011-03-06 21:35:12] <KingAragorn> any ideas you want to throw it?
[2011-03-06 21:35:31] <KingAragorn> colour scheme?
[2011-03-06 21:35:33] <KingAragorn> layout?
[2011-03-06 21:35:45] <KingAragorn> font?
[2011-03-06 21:36:28] <KingAragorn> no?
[2011-03-06 21:37:07] <Mith> Well, I'd like to see a gold and red one for the Hobbit
[2011-03-06 21:37:28] <Mith> "Gateway to Gold" with a nice image of Smaug perhaps
[2011-03-06 21:37:56] <KingAragorn> what colour was the Arkenstone?
[2011-03-06 21:40:52] <Mith> I imagine it as just a massive diamond
[2011-03-06 21:41:03] <Mith> But sometimes it's depicted as a pale blue
[2011-03-06 21:42:44] <KingAragorn> right
[2011-03-06 21:42:59] <KingAragorn> are there more pictures than the two we have on TG of the Arkenstone?
[2011-03-06 21:43:52] <Morgan> yeah, the one on a MECCG card is quite nice, IMO
[2011-03-06 21:44:38] <Mith> I can't think of an
[2011-03-06 21:45:05] <Morgan> (I'll upload it to TG)
[2011-03-06 21:45:30] <KingAragorn> just throwing that idea in
[2011-03-06 21:45:40] <KingAragorn> maybe something that focuses on the ring
[2011-03-06 21:45:51] <KingAragorn> because the ring is something in both LOTR and the Hobbit
[2011-03-06 21:46:24] <Mith> Smaug wearing the Ring
[2011-03-06 21:49:41] <KingAragorn> perhaps we could spruce up Cavendish?
[2011-03-06 21:49:51] <Morgan> +1 ;-)
[2011-03-06 21:50:02] <KingAragorn> because that's an easy to use skin but it's a bit dull
[2011-03-06 21:50:16] <Morgan>
[2011-03-06 21:50:47] <KingAragorn> that is quite a nice picture
[2011-03-06 21:50:56] <KingAragorn> although would many people recognise the Arkenstone
[2011-03-06 21:51:20] <Morgan> No, and they won't probably focus much on the Arkenstone in PJ's films, I would guess
[2011-03-06 21:51:37] <KingAragorn> maybe
[2011-03-06 21:51:58] <Morgan> I would vote for Smaug+The One Ring
[2011-03-06 21:52:14] <KingAragorn> Hyarion and Mith what do you think of just sprucing up Cavendish?
[2011-03-06 21:52:54] <Mith> Spruce up how?
[2011-03-06 21:53:18] <KingAragorn> the general layout is fine
[2011-03-06 21:53:26] <KingAragorn> but the logo and the top banner is dull
[2011-03-06 21:53:38] <Hyarion> agreed.
[2011-03-06 21:53:50] <KingAragorn> I wouldn't really want a distracting background except maybe around the sides of the page
[2011-03-06 21:53:56] <Morgan> (I'll be away feeding the horses - hopefully be back later)(in case you end the meeting without me getting back, feel free to leave a comment concerning my topic at )
[2011-03-06 21:54:22] <Morgan> (or at my talk page!)
[2011-03-06 21:56:15] <KingAragorn> see you llater
[2011-03-06 21:57:39] <Hyarion> thanks for stopping in Morgan, always nice talking to you.