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This page is for requests for adminship. Voting will last two weeks, at which time, if the vote is affirmative, the nominee will be granted admin status.

To view past requests, see the RFA archive.



There are some basic things to consider when nominating a fellow Tolkien Gatewayer (or yourself) for adminship.

  1. They have an account under a screenname.
  2. They have actively contributed for at least six months to the wiki.
  3. They have demonstrated they are willing to take on additional responsibilities to make the community better.
  4. They have had at least some major article creations.
  5. They have dealings with other users on a regular basis in a fair, restrained, and constructive manner.
  6. They have demonstrated an understanding of the community's methods of operation.
  7. Administrators votes must be unanimous for adminship to be accepted.


OK, Tolkien Gateway, the time has come. King Aragorn has made a good point about Hyarion's recent vacation, and I have always felt that there needed to be another admin on TG. If anything happened to Hy, TG would be crippled. I therefore nominate the first among the recent vacation triumvirate, Ederchil. He has shown himself worthy, and enforcer of TG standards, and a defender against outside disruptions. --Theoden1 21:40, 5 August 2008 (EDT)

Ederchil (8/5/08)

Two week deadline from first request