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* [ Who's Online] extension;
* [ Who's Online] extension;
* [ Editcount] extension;
* [ Editcount] extension;
* Remove old and broken skins;
* <strike>Remove old and broken skins;</strike>
* [$wgNamespaceAliases Namespace aliases];
* [$wgNamespaceAliases Namespace aliases];

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Technical To-do lists technical projects (skins, extensions, etc.) by priority below.


High Priority

Items for which there is immediate need; problems which need solving as soon as possible:

  1. Resolving downtime issues;

Medium Priority

Problems/extensions which need sorting, but not immediate:

Low Priority

Longer-term aspirations:

  • Fix navigation in Gateway to Ithilien skin;
  • Migrate from mod_rewrite to alias and fix & problem (Ex: Allen & Unwin)
  • Integrate java clients into the wiki (Currently not working)
  • Add an extension which allows embedding of video/audio (not yet released unfortunately)
    • Create an extension to embed video. (Trying to dynamically convert avi/mov/wmv/etc to .flv and output as .swf is a pain)
  • Fix MediaWiki:Popups.js.
  • Install Winter extension and configure journals to display previous/next issues dynamically
  • Code a better style to hide the generic wiki format
  • Create a bot which goes through any Tolkien-related site and saves a cached version, similar to This way Tolkien content can be preserved.
  • Create a PHP script which scrapes forums, newsgroups, wikis, news sites, and various other places that are related to Tolkien so essentially a Tolkien fan can view anything in the Tolkien community that is being updated.

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