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Below is a list of Projects were are currently working on. Feel free to add a sub-bullet with your username if you are currently working on one.



  • Expand on the article stubs.
  • Create a "Universal J.R.R. Tolkien Index" which compiles all Tolkien-related indexes together to allow a fan to quickly locate the page number of a minor term throughout all of Tolkien's works.
  • Use Google Maps API to embed a map into our site that allows fans to see any real-world location related to Tolkien, from Tolkien's various homes and schools to Marquette University to the filming locations for the various films, maybe even where past conventions have been held.
  • Create a transparent movie-program which runs on top of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings DVDs on the computer. It displays popups of little tidbits of interesting information about the films as the movie is played.
  • Get more visitors/editors!
  • Fell beasts is used by Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings, we need to verify this term is used the most in Tolkien's legendarium, if not we should consider moving it to Winged Creatures or whatever is used the most.
  • Look into the possibility of publishing a book with our content
  • Migrate to the wiki.
  • Design a new custom skin, Monobook is getting boring.
  • Create a Middle-earth map engine equivalent to Google Earth.
  • Surpass 18,000 images which should give us the largest collection of images.
  • Add links on the left menu which dynamically translate the content to the specified language.
  • Possibly look into having non-canon articles use a different skin
  • Reach 10,000 articles to be listed on the List of largest wikis
  • Write a screenplay which transforms The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit (or any other Tolkien story) into a present day scenario. Similar to what O Brother, Where Art Thou? did for The Odyssey.
  • Spelling file for Microsoft Word and OpenOffice which includes all Tolkien-related terms. Possibility of automatically changing unaccented words to accented ones.
  • Have a contest for who can create the best Tolkien-themed song.
  • Convince Weird Al to do a Lord of the Rings parody. (This is more of a reminder to check for a response as I just sent an email to him)
  • Create a geographical navigation system. For instance Harondor would have a compass, a visitor could click the North symbol to be directed to Lebennin, they could click the West symbol to be directed to Bay of Belfalas, etc. The system would have tiers. You could navigate continents such as Middle-earth, Numenor, etc. then there would be a level of navigation for major regions like Gondor and Eriador, then another level for cities.
  • A Fellowship of the Ring route which allows one to follow the region articles linearlly just as the Fellowship of the Ring did.
  • Decide on a slogan for And maybe a new title? Tolkien Times?
  • Fix any broken links
  • Add more descriptions and standardize all the encyclopedia entries
  • Add templates to all the pages
  • Add quotes and references to back up facts
  • Upload at least one image per article
  • Write a halfway readable Help section.
  • Stream mp3s of Tolkien reading the one ring poem for instance.
  • Add more "pronounce" audio files.
  • Add links to forum threads
  • Calendars which are merely variants should be merged.
  • Double check Calendars published by Minotauro and are Italian (should be Spanish?)


  • Integrate java clients into the wiki
  • Add an extension which allows embedding of video/audio (not yet released unfortunately)
  • Upgrade to this forum extension.
  • Fix MediaWiki:Popups.js.
  • Create an extension to embed video. (Trying to dynamically convert avi/mov/wmv/etc to .flv and output as .swf is a pain)
  • Install Winter extension and configure journals to display previous/next issues dynamically
  • Code a better style to hide the generic wiki format
  • Migrate from mod_rewrite to alias and fix & problem (Ex: Allen & Unwin)
  • I've added a couple of skins but still not happy with any of them
  • Install LaTeX, TengTex, and WikiTex so we can do this
  • Create a bot which goes through any Tolkien-related site and saves a cached version, similar to This way Tolkien content can be preserved.
  • Create a PHP script which scrapes forums, newsgroups, wikis, news sites, and various other places that are related to Tolkien so essentially a Tolkien fan can view anything in the Tolkien community that is being updated.


  • Finish uploading Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings images.
  • Finish uploading Nasmith images. Still need to do his Hobbit, FotR, TTT, and RotK sketch sections. (Trying not to think about Howe, Lee, Hildebrandt, etc, etc, etc)
  • Move Template:Istari to Template:Wizards as that is the primary name, make sure all pages which include it are updated.
  • Upload images of every single LotR TCG card.

New articles

  • Write articles for the most wanted articles.
  • Create a few different calendars. One for real life Tolkien-related events and at least one for birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, etc.
  • Add Elvish names to their own articles?
  • Create an article which details locations in New Zealand from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. Something a visitor could print out and take with them while visiting the country that could serve as a guide.
  • Create an article which lists rare or good ebay buys.
  • Create an article for every Sindarin, Quenya, etc. word
  • Write lesson plans for teachers to help get the word out to more students about Tolkien and his works.
  • Create an article for every year of every Age on Arda, as well as for every year in the real world, starting from at least J.R.R. Tolkien's birth.
  • Create an article which details Tolkien-related locations around Oxford and nearby areas one could tour.
  • Scene by scene summary of The Lord of the Rings.
  • Scene by scene analysis of PJ's films, Bakshi's film, and Rankin/Bass films, as well as the books.
  • Add any games relating to Middle-earth and Arda.
    • Naming standard?
  • Create a FAQ namespace for FAQs such as FAQ:Balrogs.
  • Add more essays.
  • Chapter by Chapter synopsis/analysis of The Children of Hurin
  • Add any books relating written by Tolkien or about his works.
  • Add any song or band relating to Tolkien and his works.
  • Elvish names?
  • Create an article which lists all translations of Tolkien's works.
  • Propose articles about the various Tolkien societies around the world.
  • List all the locations in The Hobbit


  • Uploaded all of Ardamir's which covered a few hundred pronunciations.
  • Finish the new Main Page