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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[ Review of Tolkien Thing 2006 (German, with some pictures]
* [ Review of Tolkien Thing 2006 (German, with some pictures]
[ Pictures of Grafenschloß Diez]
* [ Pictures of Grafenschloß Diez]

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The Tolkien Thing (English: Tolkien Moot) is the main annual event of the German Tolkien Society and took place for the first time in 1999. As of this year about 125 members of the GTS and friends participate in a weekend of lectures, workshops and festivities all about Middle-earth and its creator J.R.R. Tolkien.

As a tradition the Annual General Meeting of the GTS takes place on Friday, offering members the possibility of actively participating in the future of their society. Since 2003 the GTS has been inviting chairwomen and chairmen from Tolkien societies all over the world in an effort to promote international relationships. Since 2006 the GTS has started adding more guests to the list with Alan Lee being the first guest of honour.

  • 1999: St. George's Hostel, Cologne.
  • 2000: St. George's Hostel, Cologne.
  • 2001: St. George's Hostel, Cologne.
  • 2002: Abbey of Marienthal, Westerwald.
  • 2003: Abbey of Marienthal, Westerwald. TS: Israel
  • 2004: Hohensolms Castle. TS: France
  • 2005: Hohensolms Castle. TS: Belgium
  • 2006: Count's Castle, Diez. TS: Greece. Guest: Alan Lee
  • 2007: Count's Castle, Diez. TS: Netherlands (tba). Guest: Brian Sibley + surprise guest (tbc)
  • 2008: Count's Castle, Diez (tba). TS: (tba). Guest: Billett Potter (tbc) + surprise guests (tbc). Ten Year Jubilee of the GTS

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