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Tolkien in Translation is a book published by Walking Tree Publishers.


  • A Question of Style: On Translating The Silmarillion into Norwegian by Nils Ivar Agøy
  • Begging your pardon, Con el perdón de usted: Some Socio-Linguistic Features in The Lord of the Rings in English and Spanish bySandra Bayona
  • Traduire Tolkien en français: On the Translation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Works into French and their Reception in France by Vincent Ferré, Daniel Lauzon, David Riggs
  • Nine Russian Translations of The Lord of the Rings by Mark T. Hooker
  • The Treatment of Names in Esperanto Translations of Tolkien's Works by Arden R. Smith
  • A Theoretical Model for Tolkien Translation Criticism by Allan Turner

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