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[[Gollum]]'s original name '[[Sméagol]]' was not in fact the one he historically would have used: that name was '''Trahald'''. 'Trahald' comes from a [[Mannish]] dialect spoken in the region around the [[Gladden River]], and means 'burrowing'. [[Tolkien]] created an anglicised version of the name, based on the Old English word smygel, which evolved into the better known name of Sméagol. The same old word for 'burrowing' lies behind smial, the [[Hobbits]]' traditional name for their [[hobbit-holes]].
''trahald'' means "burrowing" in [[Northern Mannish]]. It was also the name of the [[Hobbit]] [[Sméagol]]<ref>{{HM|AF}}, On Translation</ref>
See also: [[Nahald]].
A possible [[root]] *TRAH<ref>[[Andreas Moehn]], [ Etymologies of the Atani Languages]</ref>
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trahald means "burrowing" in Northern Mannish. It was also the name of the Hobbit Sméagol[1]


A possible root *TRAH[2]


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