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Translating Tolkien: Text and Film

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==External links==
==External links==
* [ Official product page]
* [ Official product page]

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Translating Tolkien: Text and Film
PublisherWalking Tree Publishers
ReleasedJuly 2004


  • The Westron Turned into Modern English: The Translator and Tolkien's Web of Languages By: Thomas Honegger
  • "The New One Wants to Assimilate the Alien." Different Interpretatons of a Source Text as a Reason for Controversy: The 'Old' and the 'New' German Translation of The Lord of the Rings By: Rainer Nagel
  • The Israeli Translation Controversy - What About and Where To? By: Danny Orbach
  • Estne Tolkien Latine Reddendus? A Light-Hearted Look at Some of the Challenges By: Richard Sturch
  • Dutch Samizdat: The Mensink - van Warmelo Translation of The Lord of the Rings By: Mark T. Hooker
  • The Treatment of Proper Names in the German Edition(s) of The Lord of the Rings as an Example of Norms in Translation Practice By: Rainer Nagel
  • Tolkien in Swedish Translation: from Hompen to Ringarnas herre By: Anders Stentström
  • Tolkien, Our Judge of Peter Jackson By: Vincent Ferré
  • Humiliated Heroes: Peter Jackson's Interpretation of The Lord of the Rings By: Anthony S. Burdge & Jessica Burke
  • The Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings A Critical Comment By: Øystein Høgset
  • The Professor and the Director and Good vs. Evil in Middle-earth By: James Dunning
  • The Soundtrack Lyrics of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings - A Legitimate 'Translation' of Tolkien? By: Alexandra Velten

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