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Travel and Communication in Tolkien's Worlds

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[[Category:Scholarly books]]
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Travel and Communication in Tolkien's Worlds
AuthorEdited by Richard Crawshaw
PublisherThe Tolkien Society

Travel and Communication in Tolkien's Worlds is a collection of the proceedings of the 10th Tolkien Society Seminar in Leicester, 1995. The book was published under the auspices of the Peter Roe Memorial Fund.


  • "The Palantíri - a study", by Alex Lewis
  • "The Road Goes Ever On: Tolkien's use of the journey motive in constructing The Lord of the Rings", by John Ellison
  • "Who Mends the Roads: Superstructures without Substructures", by Richard Allen
  • "First Catch Your Oliphaunt: A rambling look at the natural and unnatural history of elephants", by Ruth Lacon
  • "The Geography of the Shire: Reference Points for a study of communication", by Ian Smalley
  • "The History and Practice of Communications in the Shire", by Tom Marringer