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Twenty years have flowed away

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Twenty years have flowed away is the opening line of a poem recited by J.R.R. Tolkien during his speech at the "Hobbit Dinner" in Rotterdam (1958). Tolkien gave a Quenya rendering of the poem, which was planned for publication sometime in the autumn of 2014.[1][2] Even a challenge was promoted within the Lambengolmor group to recreate the original Quenya text before it was released.[3] However, the Elvish text remains unpublished, as well as the full English poem and the recording.

[edit] First stanzas

Twenty years have flowed away down the long river
And never in my life will return for me from the sea.
Ah years in which looking far away I saw ages long past
When still trees bloomed free in a wide country
And thus now all begins to wither
With the breath of cold-hearted wizards
To know things they break them
And their stern lordship they establish
Through fear of death

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