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Tyalië Tyelelliéva 10

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Tyalië Tyelelliéva, issue 10
AuthorEdited by Lisa Star
PublisherAppleyard Press
ReleasedApril 25, 1997

Tyalië Tyelelliéva 10 is an issue of the journal Tyalië Tyelelliéva.


  • Editorial, Celestial Events, News and Notes
  • Peoples of Middle-earth, (Volume 12 in the HoMe series) reviewed by Edward Kloczko
  • Encyclopedie de la Terre du Milieu; Volume I: Quenya, book by Edward Kloczko, review by Gary Hunnewell
  • Letter to the Editor from Dr. Rhona Beare (about the Druid's cup)
  • Barahir's Ring, by Leonid Korablev (artwork)
  • The Book of Mazarbul as an example of book-making in Middle-earth, by David Salo
  • Dabbling in Cabalism by Didier Willis (an analysis of the inscription on Balin's Tomb)
  • Poem by Nancy Martsch (poem in Quenya)
  • Ai an Elured by Peter Nikolaj Edelberg (poem in Quenya)
  • Live Action Role-Playing Games, by Esteban Manchado (report)
  • Tolkienwinkel (description of a mail order bookshop)
  • Software Reviews:
    • Angerthas Font by an anonymous designer
    • Angerthas Moria designed by Morten Bek
  • Monster by Al McFarland (artwork)
  • Poetry Competition Rules for the Elvish Language Poetry Prize
  • Bas du Page Homework (Sindarin plurals of the type a...a)