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Morgoth and Ungoliant by Guy Gondron.

Ungoliant was an evil spirit in the form of a spider who dwelt in Avathar in the First Age. It is thought that she may have been one of the Maiar whom Melkor corrupted long ago, but she is not listed among the Ainur. It is also said, arguably separately, that she came from the darkness above the skies of Arda, and this reference has lead some to believe she may be an incarnation of darkness or emptiness itself, as this seems very consistent with the rest of her character. This has spawned a minor point of dispute, something akin to the Balrog wings argument. The name is pronounced [uŋˈgɔ.li.ant]. In the form Ungoliant the name is technically Sindarin, but is a direct loan from Quenya ungwë liantë: "dark spider"; the strictly Sindarin form being Delduthling "dark terror spider." She is also called "gloomweaver," Wirilom