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Unquendor is the name of the Dutch Tolkien Society, founded on the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo, September 22th 1981, after the example of the English Tolkien Society. It steadily grew up to its current member count of about 280 people from all over the Dutch-speaking world, though Flanders has its own Society, Elanor, and South Africa usually is considered under the influence of the English Tolkien Society.

As well as organising a few big parties throughout the Netherlands, like the 'Joelfeest' (Yule party), Tolkien day (September 22th) and 'Slotfeest' (Castle/End Feast (same word for these in Dutch)), Unquendor also offers more regular meetings organised by its members throughout the Netherlands, called 'Herbergen' or Smials. These monthly events, of which Unquendor currently has ten, are usually frequented by about eight people who then talk about Tolkien or Unquendor related issues.

Unquendor also publishes the four-a-year magazine 'Lembas', in which the accounts of meetings and announcements for them are made known, but it houses Ardalogical and Tolkienistical essays as well, all of which are written by members of Unquendor. Unquendor also publishes an extra book each year, called the Lembas Extra, in which all kinds of Tolkienological and Ardalogical articles, these ones all in English, are published.

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