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Uppsala Tolkiensällskap

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Logo and heraldic device of Uppsala Tolkiensällskap

Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is a Swedish Tolkien Society. Although based in Uppsala, it said to have branches all over Sweden, and other countries[1]. It was founded in 1973 and is (as of March 2010) the second largest Tolkien Society in Sweden, having between 150-200 active members. The association is also known as Midgårds Fylking (roughly, "The Phalanx of Middle-earth"; "Fylking" also having the connotation of "Fylke", Åke Ohlmark's Swedish translation in Härskarringen of the Shire). Uppsala Tolkiensällskap publishes Månrunan ("The Moon rune"), which is not available to non-members.

Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is not a literary association; it rather focuses on social gatherings and events. Unlike many other Tolkien Societies, Uppsala Tolkiensällskap is a secret and private society. Entering the association is only possible upon recommendation by a member.

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