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User:Amroth/Screenplays/Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring/Parth Galen

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As they leap out of the boats and clamber onto the wooded

          We cross the lake at nightfall, hide the
          boats and continue on foot..we approach
          Mordor from the North.

          Oh, yes, just a simple matter of finding
          our way through Emyn Muil, an impassable
          labyrinth of razor sharp rocks. And
          after that gets even better...a
          festering, stinking marshland, far as the
          eye can see.

          That is our Road...I suggest you take
          some rest and recover your strength,
          Master Dwarf.

          Recover my...

Legolas turns to Aragorn with urgency.

          We should leave now.

          No. Orcs patrol the Eastern shore. We
          must wait for cover of darkness.

          It is not the Eastern shore that worries

Legolas casts a glance around into the Parth Galen forest...

                    LEGOLAS (CONT'D)
          A shadow and a threat has been growing in
          my mind. Something draws near, I can
          feel it.



Aragorn looks at Legolas, knowing full well what he means.
Sam has slumped asleep...Merry dumps a small pile of kindling
at Gimli's feet...

          Where's Frodo?

Sam sits up with a start...Aragorn's head snaps round..his
eyes fly to Boromir's shield which lies abandoned by his camp
bed. CLOSE ON: ARAGORN.... as he realizes Boromir has gone!


Frodo is walking beneath the trees...lost in thought. His
feet hit the rough edge of an ancient stone slab...his eyes
follow an overgrown path towards stone stairs leading to the
summit of Amon Hen...the seeing seat. A CRACKLING SOUND!
Frodo freezes....

          None of us should wander alone; you least
          of all. So much depends on you...Frodo?

Frodo turns slowly...he stares at Boromir, tense, cautious.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          I know why you seek solitude. You
          suffer, I see it day by day. Are you
          sure you do not suffer needlessly?

Frodo stands silent for a moment..the murmur of the Wind in
the trees and the distant roar of the falls of Rauros can be

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          Let me help you. There are other ways,
          Frodo..other paths that we might take.

          I know what you would say, and it would
          seem like wisdom but for the warning of
          my heart.

          Warning? Against what?

Boromir has started forward towards Frodo, he pulls himself



                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          We are all afraid, Frodo. But to let that
          fear drive us to destroy what hope we
          have...don't you see that is madness?

          There is no other way.

          I ask only for the strength to defend my
              (angrily drops the wood he has
          If you would but lend me the ring...

          No. . .

Frodo steps hurriedly away from Boromir.

          Why do you recoil? I am no thief.

          You are not yourself.

          What chance do you think you have? They
          will find you, they will take the ring
          and you will beg for death before the

Frodo turns to leave.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          You fool! It is not yours save by
          unhappy might have been mine.
          It should be mine. Give it to me! Give
          me the ring.

Boromir leaps on top of Frodo, grasping for the ring! Frodo
has only moments to act. Frodo rips the ring from around his
neck..and rams it on his finger.

                    FRODO DISAPPEARS
          Boromir spins wildly around, yelling into
          thin air!

          I see your will take the ring
          to Sauron. You will betray us! You go to
          your death and the death of us all.

                      BOROMIR (CONT'D)
            Curse you! Curse you and your Halflings!
            Boromir stumbles and falls. His body
            shakes as if in the Throes of a
            fit...slowly he comes to.

                      BOROMIR (CONT'D)
            Frodo! Frodo! What have I done. Please,


                                          IN THE TWILIGHT WORLD:

FRODO races through the misty twilight world, past the foggy
shapes of twisted trees. Somewhere behind him, Boromir's
distraught voice carries from another dimension:

                      BOROMIR (O.S.)
            I'm sorry, Frodo...Frodo...

Frodo suddenly finds himself on the stone steps...he clambers
up the stairs, onto a high seat, perched on four stone
pillars. Frodo cowers on the seat, like a lost child upon the
throne of mountain kings. The world of mist swirls around
him. Frodo peers out from the seat...the world seems to
shrink. In all directions, Views of far off lands telescope
towards him through the mist. IMAGES: ORCS spilling out of
holes in the misty mountains... flames rising from
Mirkwood...grim faced easterlings march to ships
sailing into the south. All the power of the Dark Lord is in
motion. Frodo moves his gaze towards the explodes
against the smoke, as a huge mass of black battlements fills
Frodo's vision. A mountain of iron, immeasurably strong,
tower of adamant: Barad-dur, FORTRESS OF SAURON!





They will fall! Frodo leaps off the seat, and tumbles down
the stairs! The eye sweeps Amon Hen like a searchlight,
seeking its ring! With a huge effort, Frodo wrenches the ring
off his finger...