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Frodo lies gasping on the summit of Amon Hen...below the
ancient ruins of the seeing seat.



Frodo looks up as Aragorn towers over him.


          It has taken Boromir. ARAGORN moves
          towards Frodo...

          Where is the ring?

Frodo backs away from Aragorn...Aragorn is shocked by the

          Stay away!

          Frodo...I swore to protect you.

          Can you protect me from yourself?

Frodo uncurls his is palm lies the ring! It
glints, gold and beautiful in the afternoon sun...Aragorn's
eyes are drawn to it.

                    FRODO (CONT'D)
          Would you destroy it?

              (kneeling to Frodo)
          I would have gone with you to the end...
          into the very fires of Mordor.

          I know...Look after the others,
          especially Sam...he will not understand.

Aragorn freezes! He draws his sword.

          Go, Frodo!

Frodo hesitates.



                    ARAGORN (CONT'D)
          Run! Run!!

Frodo backs away into the 200 URUK-HAI SWARM onto
Amon Hen behind Aragorn!

Aragorn attacks the leading URUK-HAI like a madman... he
brings two down with his sword...leaping into the ruins as
others close in on him. Frodo scrambles down the hillside,
away from the fight. Aragorn battles the URUK-HAI, amongst
the pillars and blocks of Amon Hen. Despite his bravery, he
is quickly surrounded... SUDDENLY: ELVEN ARROWS smash into
the URUK-HAI. Legolas races out of the woods, firing his bow.
Gimli leaps into the battle, wielding his might axe.


Frodo is darting down the steep hillside as heave feet
thunder down behind him.

          Mr. Frodo!

Sam looks around for Frodo. CLOSE ON: LURTZ ordering his

          Find the Halflings ... find the

Frodo stumbles and falls...quickly he crawls behind a
tree...above him the sound of Uruk-Hai crashing through the
forest rings out.

                    MERRY (O.S.)
              (urgent whisper)

Frodo turns to see Merry and Pippin hidden in a hollow, a few
feet away.

                    MERRY (CONT'D)
          Hide here, quick!

          Come on...

Frodo looks at his friends... slowly shakes his head, a great
sadness in his eyes...

                    PIPPIN (CONT'D)
          What's he doing?



Merry's eyes meet Frodo's. Understanding.

          He's leaving.


Pippin stands and makes a move toward Frodo...Merry grabs at
his arm.


THE ECHO OF BOROMIR'S HORN reaches Aragorn, Legolas, and
Gimli...they are battling their way down the Slopes towards
the lake.

          The horn of Gondor!


Aragorn desperately slashes his way towards Boromir, felling
URUK-HAI in his path...while Legolas and Gimli fight a rear
guard action. MANY URUK-HAI fall to Boromir's sword as he
tries to protect Merry and Pippin...

          Run! Run!

Lurtz takes aim. A black arrow suddenly thuds into Boromir's
chest. Amazingly, Boromir continues fighting, but another
arrow...and another, brings him to his knees. Merry and
Pippin are scooped off their feet by URUK-HAI.

                        MERRY & PIPPIN
          Aaaaagh! Boromir! Boromir!

Lurtz aims his bow at Boromir's heart... suddenly Aragorn
charges at him, smashing the Bow with his sword. They lock
into a deadly battle. Aragorn cuts Lurtz down and races
towards Boromir, who lies slumped against a tree...URUK-HAI
arrows sticking out of his chest. At least 20 dead URUK-HAI
lie heaped around Boromir. His horn lies at his feet...Cloven
in two.

              (painful gasp)
          They took the little ones...


                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          Aragorn quickly tries to staunch the flow
          of Blood from Boromir's shoulder.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          Frodo...where is Frodo?

          I let Frodo go.

Boromir holds Aragorn's gaze.

          Then you did what I could not. I tried
          to take the ring from him.

          The ring is beyond our reach now.

          Forgive me, I did not see..I have failed
          you all.

          No, Boromir. You fought bravely. You
          have kept your honor. Aragorn tries to
          bind Boromir's wound.

          Leave it! It is over...the world of Men
          will fall and all will come to darkness
          and my city to ruin..Aragorn..

          I do not know what strength is in my
          blood, but I swear to you... I will not
          let the White City fall, nor your people

          Our people...our people...

Aragorn places Boromir's sword in his hand. Boromir's
fingers tighten around the hilt.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          I would have followed you, my
 captain, my King. Aragorn
          lays Boromir down. He is dead.

          Be at peace, son of Gondor. Aragorn bends
          and Kisses Boromir's forehead.


                     ARAGORN (CONT'D)
           Legolas and Gimli appear behind
           him...Aragorn stands.

                     ARAGORN (CONT'D)
           They will look for his coming from the
           white tower...but he will not return.


On the lakeshore Frodo stands in front of one of the Elvish
Boats, the ring in his palm. A distraught Sam...running as
hard as he can through the forest...

           Mr. Frodo!

Close on: Frodo looks to the far side of the river...the
camera moves in on the ring.

                     FRODO (V.O.)
           I wish the ring had never come to me..I
           wish none of this had happened...

Tears fall down Frodo's face...

                     GANDALF (V.O.)
           So do all who lie to see such times...but
           that is not for them to decide. All we
           have to decide is what to do with the
           time that is given us.

With renewed determination, Frodo tucks the ring inside his
vest pocket. The small figure of Frodo pushing the Elvish
boat into the water... Sam bursts through the trees and runs
toward the lake...Frodo is already paddling away.

           Not alone, Frodo. Mr. Frodo! Frodo, in
           the boat, paddling steadfastly away from

shore..tears in his eyes..the voice of Sam carried on the
wind. Frodo whispers to himself

           No, Sam.

Sam looks at the water...then at the boat.

SPLASH! FRODO turns to see Sam launching himself into the



                    FRODO (CONT'D)
          Go back,Sam. I'm going to Mordor alone.

Sam splashes hopelessly toward the boat.

          Of course you are...and I'm coming with

          You can't swim.

Sam starts to go under, spluttering and coughing...Frodo
drops his paddle and scrambles backwards in the boat...

                       FRODO (CONT'D)

Sam is underwater...hands flailing helplessly as he sinks.
Close on: Frodo's hand grasping Sam's... Frodo pulls a
bedraggled and half drowned Sam into the boat. Frodo and Sam
look at each other, out of breath, tears and water streaming
down both their faces.

          I made a promise, Mr. Frodo...a promise.
              (fierce passion)
          "Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee."
          And I don't mean to...I don't mean to.

          Oh, Sam!

Frodo starts to laugh through his tears...the two friends

                    FRODO (CONT'D)
          Come on then..

The two Hobbits row through the water...