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                                                       CUT TO:


Night falls upon the beautiful valley of Rivendell... still
and quiet.


Strider and Arwen stand upon a stone bridge...the Evenstar at
Arwen's breast shines in the moonlight.

              (Elvish: with subtitles)
          Renech I lu I erui govannem? Do you
          remember when we first met?

              (Elvish: with subtitles)
          Nauthannim I ned ol reniannen. I thought
          I had strayed into a dream.

Arwen reaches up and gently touches the Grey at Strider's

              (Elvish: with subtitles)
          Gwenin in enniath...u-arnech in naeth I
          se celich. Long years have
          did not have the care you carry now.

Arwen looks into Strider's eyes.

                    ARWEN (CONT'D)
              (Elvish: with subtitles)
          Renech I Beth I pennen? Do you remember
          what I told you? Arwen reaches for
          Strider's hand...

          You said you'd bind yourself to me,
          forsaking the immortal life of your



          And to that I hold. I would rather share
          one lifetime with you than face all the
          ages of this world alone. Strider looks
          down. In his hand lies the Evenstar.

                    ARWEN (CONT'D)
          I choose a mortal live.

          You cannot give me this.

          It is mine to give to whom I will, like
          my heart.

Arwen closes Strider's fingers around the jewel.

Arwen leans towards Strider, gently kissing him.