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                                                       CUT TO:


Strider watches from the Boromir strolls through
the darkened gallery. Boromir's eyes are drawn to an old
Fresco on the wall...depicting Isildur defeating Sauron.
Boromir looks with Wonderment at Narsil, the Broken Blade of
Elendil, which lies on a cloth-covered plinth.

              (quiet awe)
          The shards of Narsil...the blade that cut
          the Ring from Sauron's hand. Boromir
          picks up the sword and gently touches the
          Blade. Close on: a small bloom of blood
          appears on Boromir's finger...

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          Still sharp.

Boromir senses Strider's presence...he looks from the blade
to Strider, as if sensing a connection.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          But no more than a broken heirloom.

                    BOROMIR (CONT'D)
          replaces the Broken blade, but it
          clatters to the floor. Boromir walks
          away, leaving Strider sitting alone.

Close on: Strider picks up the broken hilt, as Arwen appears
behind him.

          Why do you fear the past? You are
          Isildur's heir...not Isildur himself. You
          are not bound to his fate.

          The same blood flows in my veins...the
          same weakness...



          Your time will come. You will face the
          same evil...and you will defeat it.
              (Elvish: w/subtitles)
          A si i-duath u-orthor, Aragorn...u or le
          a u or nin. The shadow does not hold
          sway yet...not over you and not over me.