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The Ideas

The Hobbit screenplay is our (the fans') attempt to create a fully functional screenplay for the director, most likely Peter Jackson, to utilize and gain insight from during pre-production of the yet even un-rumored 'The Hobbit' film. Now that may be a longshot but if anything our goal is to collaborate on the screenplay as a community to create what we as a whole would like to see and possibly encourage film-makers that this movie is indeed filmable and thus profitable.

We must be able to comprehend ideas as a whole and the process will get no where should everyone interject with their own radical ideas for the script. The movie is to be similar to that of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings but geared towards a slightly younger audience just as J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit was. The movie should run no longer than three to three and a half hours in length, although this will be difficult to determine when merely looking at a screenplay we must remember some things might have to be cut and the film will not be able to run on forever.

"Purists" - Copying The Hobbit word for word will get us no where. There will be scenes cut whether we like it or not and should we have the option of creating a screenplay that is terrible but is pure or a screenplay that has potential but leaves out something we must agree as a whole to choose the latter.

"Fanboys/Fangirls" - If you have not read Tolkien's works then please do not contribute. If you think Orlando Bloom should appear in The Hobbit because he's "soo hot" then, well then just please leave.

While the screenplay obviously will be broken into different scenes and simply not chapters I think at this early stage it is necessary to break down each chapter into points we need to get across and then we can go about merging these into a continuous flowing story.

Random thoughts





EXT. SOUTHWEST MIRKWOOD A vast patch of WOODLAND passes the camera, until a DARK TOWER on a HILL 1/4 the size of Barad-dur looms in, only object covered in darkness.


Dark MIST creeps in, giving an awful chill to the viewer. But it is not just a tower, DARKNESS creeps all around, sounds of the deep FOREST awaken and a SCREECH is heard among the LUSH hills of MIRKWOOD shriveling the green plants.

EXT. MIRKWOOD A SPIDER LEG brushes away a few LEAVES. Camera pulls back to reveal a army of giant SPIDERS AND FLIES they serve the DARK LORD who lives in the HILL OF SORCERY.

EXT. DOL GULDUR Again, we see the wicked tower again, the camera looks down on the ROAD in the middle of the FOREST, a RIDER CLOAKED IN ALL BLACK rides to the tower, he is KHAMUL, one of the NAZGUL: the DARK LORD’S most feared servants. EERIE MIST appears again, looking like a ghostly image. A FIGURE APPEARS all fair, and then turns into a BLACK CLADDED FIGURE he is the DARK LORD. He stands on top of DOL GULDUR and the camera pans around him.

The camera pulls back, a blinding LIGHT appears and then there is DARKNESS once again, and the RIDER can be seen climbing the HILL to the DARK LORD’S TOWER and entering it.


I was really thinking about a prologue with Sauron in it. This is the picture that was in my mind.

FADE IN: Old, wiselike men are circled around in a dark chamber

An Unexpected Party

Key points

  • Introduce Bilbo Baggins
    • Stress his fondness for food, slight forgetfulness, and comfortableness with his current situation yet could use an ever so slight bit of adventure
    • He should be smoking his pipe
  • Gandalf and Bilbo start talking
    • Gandalf offers Bilbo an adventure
    • Flustered Bilbo accidently invites the wizard for tea the next day
  • Bilbo forgets his invitation
  • 13 Dwarves invite themselves into his hobbit-hole followed by Gandalf.
  • They have tea and act merry while Bilbo stays confused but enjoys the music
  • Bilbo doesn't like the sound of not returning for this adventure he was signed up for and acts snobbish as if he intended not to go yet when the Dwarves suggest he is not capable of this adventure of great danger he perks up for his pride.
  • Gandalf states there is more to Bilbo than most see.
  • Brief history of Smaug in the Lonely Mountain atop his treasures the Dwarves once owned.
  • Gandalf gives Thorin a map and a small key.



EXT. BAG END <ANGLE ON: BILBO smoking his PIPE outside the front door of BAG END and GANDALF pushes open the fence door and walks towards BILBO>

BILBO: Good morning! [He says with expression]

GANDALF [shortly]: Yes, it is indeed, but that is not why I am here; I have a proposition for you.

BILBO:For me? [Takes his pipe out of his mouth] And what is your business with me? I am quite comfortable here, thank you. [Puts pipe back in, leans back, and blows several smoke-rings]

GANDALF [looks at rings]: Very pretty. [looks down at BILBO] But I have no time for smoke-rings. As for my business, it is my own. As for the business I offer, you shall profit indeed from it, if you have got a good head about you.

BILBO: Profit? Good head? [At this his eyebrows raise, but though still looking bored is a bit more interested] And who are you?

GANDALF: I am — Gandalf.

BILBO: [Jumps in surprise, almost dropping his pipe] Gandalf! Dear me! Not that Gandalf that made such particularly wonderful fireworks! Ah, the colors and the beauty at the Old Took's birthday! Gandalf! [Pauses, and continues in an undertone] Dear me! Not that Gandalf that caused so many young hobbits to go on [says word slowly and even lower, as if it is taboo] "adventures". [Aloud] Yes, Gandalf! I beg your pardon; I had no idea you were still in business!

GANDALF: And where else would I be? I am glad you remember me, if it is only for my fireworks. And I know you, Mister Bilbo Baggins, and I knew your mother Belladonna Took.

BILBO: Ah, yes, of course. Naturally you would know her, since the Tooks often go on... adventures. But when she married my father she set herself straight. What is finer than a nice comfortable hobbit-hole, with a kettle over the stove, and a sunny day perfect for blowing smoke-rings!

GANDALF [keenly]: Perhaps you do not have any of your mother in you, Bilbo.

BILBO [hurt but seemingly proud]: Well, all say I take after my father. Say nothing unexpected, and do nothing unexpected, and that is the secret to life.

GANDALF: Hmm. Well, what there is; I shall soon wake up.

BILBO: [Drops his pipe] Wake up? I beg your pardon!

GANDALF: I shall go so far as to send you on this adventure. I grant you what you asked for, and my pardon you have. You shall find this adventure quite profitable, and I daresay good for you.

BILBO [flustered]: [Stands up] Come back tomorrow! [fumbles for the knob to his door] At tea-time, would you! [Goes backwards through his door and shuts it]

GANDALF [Chuckling softly]: Dear old Belladonna's son! [Scratches mark on the door with his staff, goes off chuckling]


BILBO: [Slumps against door] What on earth did I ask him to tea for!

EXT. BAG END ANGLE ON: The green little door has a sign on it: GANDALF TEA WEDNESDAY

CAMERA pulls back to reveal GANDALF, he rings the doorbell.

INT. BAG END BILBO fumbles and flips with FULL TEA KETTLES and FOOD.

BILBO: [weary expression] Oh, Gandalf! Oh my word!

Muffled Voice: GANDALF: I am very sorry to keep you waiting my dear hobbit!

BILBO opens door.

GANDALF and a dwarf who is later known as DWALIN appears at the door.

DWALIN: At your service! [Bows down]

BILBO: And I am already at yours! [Bows down]

More DWARVES come in and bow.

BILBO: Come on in now! I got lots of cakes and tea! [Whispers to GANDALF]: Gandalf, I did ask only you to come, did I!

GANDALF: [Whispers back] Yes you did, but you didn't say I couldn't bring any guests! [He smiles]

[BILBO'S expression turns even more tired]


Roast Mutton

Key Points

  • Bilbo awakes to a large mess he has to clean up or he awakens to no mess and simply thinks it was a dream?
  • Finds a note stating he needs to go to the Green Dragon Inn at 11:00 AM and he will be promised 1/14th of the share of gold.
  • They begin their journey on ponies and shortly after it, Gandalf disappears.
  • They are out of luck and can't get a fire going and a pony with a lot of their food bolts.
  • They see a light in the distance and Bilbo is sent to investigate, it turns out to be three Trolls and is caught trying to steal a purse.
  • The trolls begin to fight amongst theirselves on how to eat Bilbo and the Dwarves (hearing the commotion) and are captured.
  • Bilbo and Thorin are not captured but try to fight and are caught easily enough.
  • Gandalf returns and mimicks the Trolls' voices so they will argue amongst theirselves until the morning sun rises and they turn to stone.
  • They find the Trolls' cave but are unable to get into it even with Gandalf's help until Bilbo finds a key.
  • Inside the cave is food and treasure, Thorin and Gandalf both take a sword and Bilbo acquires Sting.
  • In this chapter we need to focus on Bilbo's early rise to heroic stature, Gandalf's mysteriousness and Thorin's bravery and companionship with his fellow Dwarves.

INT. HOBBIT HOLE STACKS after STACKS of PLATES and POTS are around, BILBO wakes up to find the mess that he needs to clean up.

                             Darn those dwarves, making a mess of my hole!

GANDALF suddenly appears when BILBO is dusting the FIREPLACE.

                             My dear Bilbo, would you be so kind to look on the                                     
                             mantelpiece and peek in the envelope sitting 

BILBO opens the ENVELOPE on the mantelpiece:

Dear Mr. Baggins, Hullo Burglar Bilbo! For your hospitality we give you our sincerest thanks, and for your offer of professional assistance, we gratefully accept. TERMS: Cash will not exceed 1/14 of the share. We shall await you at The Green Dragon, Bywater 11:00 sharp. Trusting that you will be punctual.

Yours deeply, Thorin and Co.

                             No time for that! Off you go, you still got ten 
                             (Gandalf throws Bilbo out of his hobbit hole and onto the road.)
                             Move your feet please, Bilbo, we wouldn't want to                        
                             be late!

A Short Rest

Over Hill & Under Hill

Riddles in the Dark

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Queer Lodgings

Flies & Spiders

Barrels Out of Bound

A Warm Welcome

On the Doorstep

Inside Information

Not at Home

Fire & Water

The Gathering of the Clouds

A Thief in the Night

The Clouds Burst

The Return Journey

The Last Stage