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Hello, my name is Dwarf Lord, and I am 21 year old Christian guy from Missouri.

I first saw the FotR back in Christmas of 2001 and thought it was ok, but then I read The Hobbit in 2002 and fell love with Tolkien's works. I then started reading the Lord of the Rings, Unfinished Tales, most of The Silmarillion, and Letters of Tolkien. I have even created my character with an extensive background.

I discovered this wiki through and was very impressed by it, but I noticed many holes, errors, and stuff that hadn't been created yet. So I decided to join and do my part.

When it comes to Tolkien's works, I am most knowledgeable about conflicts, Dwarven history, and the geography of Middle-earth.

I have created 238 articles. Mainly people, places, and things with some categories, and other stuff thrown in.


My current projects here are: Everything to do with the Dwarves. all wars and battles. Places of ME. I also determine and estimate by many different ways the population sizes, and military strengths of each nation or people group. I also pull out those little details in the books that people, more often than not, miss or misinterpret, and add them here.

I have very much enjoyed this wiki, and am glad I could be of service to the largest, most comprehensive, and in-depth wiki on Tolkien and his writings in the world.