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Heraldic Device of Eärendil and his House.
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Hi all!

My on-line name is Earendilyon, and I'm active in the virtual Tolkien community for some 5 years now (roughly since Spring 2001). I've known Tolkien's writings since the late '80s and have most of his work in my possession, and a lot about him and/or about his work.

My on-line "home" is Minas Tirith, but I also frequent other Tolkien related message boards. You may also know me from my Dominus Anulorum project, the translation of The Lord of the Rings into Latin. My project is mirrored by the folks of

Other interests of mine are:

  • (Medieval) History (I've got an MA in it)
  • Languages (especially Latin)
  • Hiking
  • Reading

--Earendilyon 04:59, 8 February 2006 (EST)