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Hullo, hullo! Fredeghar Wayfarer here. Been admiring this site for a while and decided to register and help out.

I have been a huge Tolkien fan for most of my life. The Hobbit was the defining book of my childhood and my introduction to the fantasy genre. This helped shaped my personality and interests and led me to become a fantasy author myself. (I am the writer for "Rowena," a fractured fairy tale-style feature in AC Comics' Femforce series. I also have other stories I would like to publish one day.)

I can often be found in The Lord of the Rings Online as Fredeghar Wayfarer, a hobbit hunter/honorary Ranger. Not to be confused with that other Fredegar, decent chap though he is. I shall endeavor to use my vast store of useless trivia and help out on this site as best I can.