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Before I created my user account I browsed various articles and user pages. I discovered that many users were (ahem) considerably younger than me, so for my Tolkien Gateway identification I chose "Gamling", the name of one of the Rohirrim that means "old man". Yeah, yeah, I could have chosen "Sharkû", which also means "old man" (in Orkish), but let's not get insulting.

I have a degree in English and another degree in Computer Science. I was part of the engineering team that wrote software to run the International Space Station. At the same time I have been interested in Middle-earth since I first read Professor Tolkien's works in the 1960s. In the early 1970s I even produced a hand-written scroll about 60 feet long detailing all of the history of Middle-earth known at that time (before The Silmarillion or any other works by Christopher Tolkien appeared). The history of the Legendarium remains my favorite interest.