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These are experimental prototype arrangements for dictionary entries inspired by Wiktionary (where Quenya, Sindarin, etc. are not allowed to have their own pages).


[edit] cirya

[edit] Quenya entry

[edit] Pronunciation

  • [ˈkirʲa]

[edit] Noun

cirya (stem cirya-)

  1. a ship

[edit] Inflection


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative cirya ciryar ciryali/-lí ciryat
Accusative ciryá ciryai ciryalí ciryat
Genitive ciryo ciryaron ciryalion ciryato
Possessive ciryava *ciryaiwa ciryalíva ciryatwa
Dative ciryan ciryain ciryalin ciryant
Locative ciryassë ciryassen ciryalissë(n) ciryatsë
Allative ciryanna ciryannar ciryalinna(r) ciryanta
Ablative ciryallo ciryallon/-llor ciryallilo(n) ciryalto
Instrumental ciryanen ciryainen ciryalínen ciryanten
*Respective ciryas ciryais ciryalis ciryates

[edit] Related terms

[edit] Derived terms

[edit] Descendants

[edit] References

[edit] More Quenya noun inflection examples

[edit] alda

(One of the few nouns with U-dual.)

Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative alda aldar aldali/-lí aldu
Accusative aldá aldai aldalí *aldú
Genitive aldo aldaron aldalion *alduo
Possessive aldava *aldaiwa aldalíva *aldua
Dative aldan aldain aldalin *alduen
Locative aldassë aldassen aldalissë(n) *aldussë
Allative aldanna aldannar aldalinna(r) *aldunna
Ablative aldallo aldallon/-llor aldallilo(n) *aldullo
Instrumental aldanen aldainen aldalínen *aldunen
*Respective aldas aldais aldalis *aldus

[edit] lambë


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative lambë lambi lambeli/-lí lambet
Accusative lambé lambí lambelí lambet
Genitive lambëo lambion lambelion lambeto
Possessive lambeva lambiva lambelíva lambetwa
Dative lamben lambin lambelin lambent
Locative lambessë lambessen lambelissë(n) lambetsë
Allative lambenna lambennar lambelinna(r) lambenta
Ablative lambello lambellon/-llor lambellilo(n) lambelto
Instrumental lambenen lambinen lambelínen lambenten
*Respective lambes lambis lambelis lambetes

[edit] Aini


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative Aini *Ainir Ainili/-lí Ainit
Accusative Ainí Ainí Ainilí Ainit
Genitive Ainio *Ainion Ainilion Ainito
Possessive Ainiva *Ainiva Ainilíva Ainitwa
Dative Ainin *Ainin Ainilin Ainint
Locative Ainissë Ainissen Ainilissë(n) Ainitsë
Allative Aininna Aininnar Ainilinna(r) Aininta
Ablative Ainillo Ainillon/-llor Ainillilo(n) Ainilto
Instrumental Aininen *Aininen Ainilínen Aininten
*Respective Ainis *Ainis Ainilis Ainites

[edit] Ñoldo


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative Ñoldo Ñoldor Ñoldoli/-lí Ñoldot
Accusative Ñoldó Ñoldoi Ñoldolí Ñoldot
Genitive Ñoldo Ñoldoron Ñoldolion Ñoldoto
Possessive *Ñoldowa Ñoldoiva Ñoldolíva Ñoldotwa
Dative Ñoldon Ñoldoin Ñoldolin Ñoldont
Locative Ñoldossë Ñoldossen Ñoldolissë(n) Ñoldotsë
Allative Ñoldonna Ñoldonnar Ñoldolinna(r) Ñoldonta
Ablative Ñoldollo Ñoldollon/-llor Ñoldollilo(n) Ñoldolto
Instrumental Ñoldonen Ñoldoinen Ñoldolínen Ñoldonten
Respective Ñoldos Ñoldois Ñoldolis Ñoldotes

[edit] Ainu


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative Ainu Ainur Ainuli/-lí Ainut
Accusative Ainú Ainui Ainulí Ainut
Genitive Ainuo Ainuron Ainulion Ainuto
Possessive *Ainua Ainuiva Ainulíva Ainutwa
Dative Ainun Ainuin Ainulin Ainunt
Locative Ainussë Ainussen Ainulissë(n) Ainutsë
Allative Ainunna Ainunnar Ainulinna(r) Ainunta
Ablative Ainullo Ainullon/-llor Ainullilo(n) Ainulto
Instrumental Ainunen Ainuinen Ainulínen Ainunten
*Respective Ainus Ainuis Ainulis Ainutes

[edit] Valië


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative Valië Valier Valieli/-lí Valiet
Accusative Valié *Valí Valielí Valiet
Genitive Valiëo Valieron Valielion Valieto
Possessive Valieva *Valíva Valielíva Valietwa
Dative Valien *Valin Valielin Valient
Locative Valiessë Valiessen Valielissë(n) Valietsë
Allative Valienna Valiennar Valielinna(r) Valienta
Ablative Valiello Valiellon/-llor Valiellilo(n) Valielto
Instrumental Valienen *Valínen Valielínen Valienten
*Respective Valies *Valis Valielis Valietes

[edit] urco


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative urco urqui urculi/-lí urcut
Accusative *urcú urquí urculí urcut
Genitive urquo urquion urculion urcuto
Possessive *urcua urquiva urculíva urcutwa
Dative urcun urquin urculin urcunt
Locative urcussë urcussen urculissë(n) urcutsë
Allative urcunna urcunnar urculinna(r) urcunta
Ablative urcullo urcullon/-llor urcullilo(n) urculto
Instrumental urcunen urquinen urculínen urcunten
*Respective urcus urquis urculis urcutes

[edit] elen


Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative elen eleni eleneli/-lí elenet
Accusative elen elení elenelí elenet
Genitive eleno elenion elenelion elento
Possessive elenwa eleniva elenelíva elenetwa
Dative elenen elenin elenelin elenent
Locative elenessë elenessen elenelissë(n) elenetsë
Allative elenenna elenennar elenelinna(r) elenenta
Ablative elenello elenellon/-llor elenellilo(n) elenelto
Instrumental elennen eleninen elenelínen *elen(en)ten
*Respective elenes elenis elenelis elentes

[edit] nat

(T-stem. Virtually always U-dual.)

Singular Plural Part. Plur. Dual
Nominative nat nati nateli/-lí natu
Accusative nat natí natelí natú
Genitive nato nation natelion natuo
Possessive natwa nativa natelíva *natua
Dative naten natin natelin natun
Locative natessë natessen natelissë(n) natussë
Allative natenna natennar natelinna(r) natunna
Ablative natello natellon/-llor natellilo(n) natullo
Instrumental natenen natinen natelínen natunen
*Respective nates natis natelis natus