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Hyarion is my online alias. As well as my Quenya equivalent, translated from my birth name, Benjamin. I currently am a freelance Web Consultant / Designer, check out for more information and my portfolio. I also work with Future Point in their technical support department. I'm also going to college full time, studying Computer Information Systems.

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  • Fix any broken links
  • Add any books relating written by Tolkien or about his works.
  • Add any games relating to Middle-earth and Arda.
    • Naming standard?
  • Add more descriptions and standardize all the encyclopedia entries
  • Add templates to all the pages
  • Add quotes and references to back up facts
  • Add any song or band relating to Tolkien and his works.
  • Upload at least one image per article
  • Write a halfway readable Help section.
  • Stream mp3s of Tolkien reading the one ring poem for instance.
  • Code a better style to hide the generic wiki format
    • I've added a couple of skins but still not happy with any of them
  • Add how to pronounce articles
    • Uploaded all of Ardamir's which covered a few hundred pronunciations.
  • Fix alphabetical listing to only show A's, B's, etc, on one page.
  • Add links to forum threads
  • Find a way to ban bots without forcing users to register.
  • Elvish names?
  • Migrate from mod_rewrite to alias and fix & problem (Ex: Allen & Unwin)
  • Calendars which are merely variants should be merged.
  • Double check Calendars published by Minotauro and are Italian (should be Spanish?)
  • Install Winter extension and configure journals to display previous/next issues dynamically
  • Get more visitors!