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| style="font-size:8pt;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em" | Number of edits.  
| style="font-size:8pt;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em" | Number of edits.  
{{user gondor}}
{{user numenor}}
{{User dunedain north}}
{{user men}}
{{user elves noldor}}
{{user good}}
{{user lore-3}}
{{user balrogwings3}}
{{user dagor-yes}}
{{user entwives4}}
{{user evil2}}
{{user feanor evil}}
{{user nl-0}}
{{user en-3}}
{{user fr-0}}
{{user de-1}}
{{user es-0}}{{user sv-0}}{{user chrome}}{{user under3m}}{{user recentchanges}}

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Number of edits.
John Howe - Icon Gondor transparent.png This user supports Gondor.
Steven White Jr. - Numenor re-edited.jpg This user supports Númenor.
Dúnedain This user loves the Dúnedain of the North.
Man This user supports Men over any other race.
Ñoldo This user loves the Ñoldor.
John Howe - Icon Free Peoples.jpg This user supports the forces for Good.
lore-3 This user has an advanced understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
Olanda Fong-Surdenas - The Balrog of Moria.jpg This user is not sure if Balrogs have wings, but would like to think so.
DD-Y This user believes the Dagor Dagorath is canonical.
Ent This user believes the Entwives are lost forever. Because Tolkien said so.
John Howe - Icon Armies of Shadow.jpg This user thinks the Evil guys are bad.
Catherine Karina Chmiel - Feanor.jpg This user believes Fëanor and his sons were mass-murderers with evil aims. But they may still redeem.
nl-0 Deze gebruiker heeft geen kennis van het Nederlands, of begrijpt het met grote moeite.
en-3 This person has an advanced understanding of English.
fr-0 Cet utilisateur ne comprend pas le français, ou seulement avec des difficultés notables.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
es-0 Este usuario no entiende español (o lo entiende con dificultad).
sv-0 Den här personen förstår inte svenska (eller förstår det bara med stora svårigheter).
ChromeLogo.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.
<3m This Gatekeeper has contributed to Tolkien Gateway for under three months.
RC This user patrols recent changes.