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:''see also [[User:KingAragorn Bot/Past Job Scripts]]''
:''see also [[User:KingAragorn Bot/Past Job Scripts]]''
*Added Category to recently uploaded images.
*Added Category to recently uploaded images.
*Changed categories for images.
''From the One Wiki to Rule them All:''
''From the One Wiki to Rule them All:''

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This user account is a bot operated by KingAragorn.

It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.

What this Bot does

see also Special:Contributions/KingAragorn_Bot
  • see past jobs

Past Jobs

see also User:KingAragorn Bot/Past Job Scripts
  • Added Category to recently uploaded images.
  • Changed categories for images.

From the One Wiki to Rule them All:

  • Added a stub template to the 1000 articles in Special:Shortpages
  • Changed all articles in Category:Mountains of Middle-earth to Category:Mountains.
  • Put the stub template on all pages in Special:Shortpages. Thats 1000 pages to load, remove a stub template if an article already has it, then add the stub template, then save; it takes a long time, but is easier than doing it manually of course.

How it works

This bot uses microsoft's C# language, using the DotNetWikiBot Framework to create a client-side bot.

Jobs Requests

see User talk:KingAragorn

Please feel free to request for any tedious tasks that you would like this bot to do on my user talk page.