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A Little About His Lordship

  • I'm a huge LotR fan
  • I also love Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Spider-man.
  • Because of this, I contribute at Wookiepedia, WikiSimpsons, LotRwiki, The Sith Lord Wiki, and Spider-man Wiki (all under the name: Lord vader1414).
  • My heart belongs to both Tolkein's works and the Star Wars saga, no hurt feelings.
  • My LotR merchendice includes: The Lord of the Rings saga, The Hobbit, various LotR action figures, The Return of the King soundtrack, the motion picture music book (for trombone), the entire extended edition DVD collection, and a sword (possibly the Citidel Gaurd's, although it looks more like a cross between Glamdring and Boromir's sword).
  • I'm a jazz musician, and can play many instruments, although I love trombone the most.
  • Elves and Men are my favorite species, and my favorite characters are: Sauron, Aragorn II, Gandalf the White, The Witch King, Arwen, The Balrog, Morgoth and Legolas of Mirkwood.