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The improvement drive article for this week is:
The improvement drive article for this week is:
<center>'''[[The Hobbit films]]</center>
<center>'''[[The Hobbit (film series)|''The Hobbit'' (film series)]]</center>
Let's try and improve this article to a higher standard.
Let's try and improve this article to a higher standard.

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The Children of Hurin - Announced in 2006, the launch of this book marks a historic moment, not only the first work published by Christopher Tolkien in many years, but most likely the last. Stay tuned on April 17th for full details on the book including summaries and analysis' of the chapters as well as reviews and plenty more.

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The improvement drive article for this week is:

The Hobbit (film series)

Let's try and improve this article to a higher standard.

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  1. This event took place on or after the New Year of the Elves (Yestarë), but a specific date was not given; although an annotation in this chapter quotes Appendix D which states that Yestarë in the Calendar of Imladris "corresponded more or less with Shire April 6".


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The Hobbit, An Unexpected Party

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