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=Middle-earth Numerology=
Within [[J.R.R. Tolkien]]'s [[legendarium]], it has been noted by authors such as [[Christopher Kreuzer]]<ref name="Kreuzer">[[Christopher Kreuzer]], "Numbers in Tolkien", paper delivered at [[Tolkien 2005]]</ref> that within Tolkien's works that certain numbers re-appear again and again. Below is a comprehensive list of the occurrences of each number.
* One God, [[Eru]] [[Ilúvatar]];
* [[One Gross]] at [[Bilbo's Farewell Party]];
* [[One-hand|One hand]] of [[Beren]] (''Erchamion'');
* One hand of [[Maedhros]];
* [[The One Ring]];
* One white cat of Queen [[Berúthiel]];
* One [[White Tree of Gondor|White Tree]];
* [[Erebor]], the Lonely Mountain.
* [[Children of Ilúvatar|Two Kindreds]] ([[Elves]] and [[Men]]);
* [[Reunited Kingdom|Two Kingdoms]] ([[Arnor]] and [[Gondor]]);
* [[Two Lamps]] ([[Illuin]] and [[Ormal]]);
* [[The Two Towers|Two Towers]] ([[Orthanc]] and [[Minas Morgul]]);
* [[Two Trees of Valinor|Two Trees]] (Telperion and Laurelin; also displayed on the [[Doors of Durin]]);
* [[Two Watchers]].
===Other Pairs===
* [[Amon Hen]] and [[Amon Lhaw]];
* The [[Argonath]];
* [[Frodo Baggins|Frodo]] and [[Samwise Gamgee|Sam]];
* [[Lindon]] ([[Harlond (Lindon)|Harlond]] and [[Forlond]]; [[Harlindon]] and [[Forlindon]]);
* [[Meriadoc Brandybuck|Merry]] and [[Peregrin Took|Pippin]];
* [[Minas Tirith (Gondor)|Minas Anor]] and [[Minas Morgul|Minas Ithil]];
* [[Sun]] and [[Moon]];
* [[Towers of the Teeth]] ([[Carchost]] and [[Narchost]]);
* [[Twins]]:
** [[Amrod]]  and [[Amras]];
** [[Eluréd]] and [[Elurín]];
** [[Elrond]] and [[Elros]];
** [[Elladan]] and [[Elrohir]].
* Black and white;
* [[East]] and [[West]];
* Good and evil;
* Light and dark;
* Night and day.
* Three dogs owned by [[Farmer Maggot]] ([[Fang (dog)|Fang]], [[Grip]] and [[Wolf (dog)|Wolf]]);
* Three [[dwarves]] travelled with [[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo]] after his birthday;
* [[Three-Farthing Stone]];
* Three feet tall was the height hobbits "''seldom reached''";
* [[Hair of Galadriel|Three Hairs of Galadriel]] gifted to [[Gimli]];
* Three guesses to "''What's in my pocket?''";
* Three hobbit-families of Bagshot Row;
* [[Edain#The Three Houses|Three Houses of the Edain]] ([[House of Bëor]], [[House of Haleth]], and [[House of Hador]]);
* [[Three Hunters]] ([[Aragorn]], [[Gimli]] and [[Legolas]]);
* [[Three Kindreds]] ([[Vanyar]], [[Noldor]] and [[Teleri]]);
* Three Kingdoms of [[Arnor]] ([[Arthedain]], [[Cardolan]] and [[Rhudaur]]);
* Three loud hoots of a horn by [[Bilbo Baggins|Bilbo]] before his speech;
* Three [[Mountains of Moria]] ([[Caradhras]], [[Celebdil]] and [[Fanuidhol]]);
* Three official meals at the [[Bilbo's Farewell Party|Birthday Party]];
*[[Three Prayers]]
* Three Races ([[Dwarves]], [[Elves]] and [[Men]]);
* [[Three Rings]] ([[Narya]], [[Nenya]] and [[Vilya]]);
** [[Three Keepers]] ([[Elrond]], [[Galadriel]] and [[Gandalf]]);
* Three [[Shirriffs]] in each [[Farthing]];
* Three [[Silmarils]];
* Three sons of [[Finwë]] ([[Fëanor]], [[Finarfin]] and [[Fingolfin]]):
** Three Houses of the [[Noldor]] ([[House of Fëanor]], [[House of Finarfin]] and [[House of Fingolfin]]);
* Three towers at [[Tower Hills]];
* Three trolls ([[Bert]], [[William Huggins|Bill]] and [[Tom]]);
* Three types of [[Hobbit]] ([[Fallohides]], [[Harfoots]] and [[Stoors]]);
* Three unions of [[Elves]] and [[Men]] ([[Beren]] and [[Lúthien]]; [[Tuor]] and [[Idril]]; [[Aragorn]] and [[Arwen]]).
*Four [[Farthings]] of [[the Shire]];
*Four [[Hobbits]] in the [[Fellowship of the Ring]] ([[Frodo Baggins|Frodo]], [[Samwise Gamgee|Sam]], [[Meriadoc Brandybuck|Merry]] and [[Peregrin Took|Merry]]).
* Five Armies in the [[Battle of Five Armies]] ([[Elves]], [[Men]] and [[Dwarves]] vs [[Goblins]] and [[Wargs]]);
* [[Five Rivers of Lebennin|Five Rivers]] of [[Lebennin]] ([[Anduin]], [[Celos]], [[Sirith]], [[Serni]] and [[Gilrain]]);
* Five [[Wizards]] ([[Gandalf]], [[Saruman]], [[Radagast]], [[Pallando]] and [[Alatar]]).
* Seven [[Warning beacons of Gondor|Beacons]] of [[Gondor]] ([[Amon Dîn]], [[Eilenach]], [[Nardol]], [[Erelas]], [[Min-Rimmon]], [[Calenhad]] and [[Halifirien]]);
* Seven [[Durin]]s;
* [[Seven Fathers of the Dwarves]];
** Seven [[Dwarves|Dwarven]] clans ([[Blacklocks]], [[Broadbeams]], [[Firebeards]], [[Ironfists]], [[Durin's Folk|Longbeards]], [[Stiffbeards]] and [[Stonefoots]]);
** Seven Dwarven hoards;
* [[Gondolin]] had:
** [[Seven Gates of Gondolin|Seven Gates]] ([[Gate of Wood]], [[Gate of Stone]], [[Gate of Bronze]], [[Gate of Writhen Iron]], [[Gate of Silver]], [[Gate of Gold]], [[Gate of Steel]]).
** Seven Names (Gondolin, Gondobar, Gondothlimbar, Gwarestrin, Gar Thurion, Loth and Lothengriol);
* Seven hours over which the [[Two Trees of Valinor|Two Trees]] waxed and waned;
* Seven [[Lords of the Valar]] ([[Manwë]], [[Ulmo]], [[Aulë]], [[Oromë]], [[Námo (Mandos)|Mandos]], [[Irmo|Lórien]] and [[Tulkas]]);
* [[Minas Tirith]] had:
** Seven Gates;
** Seven Levels;
* [[Seven Rings]];
* Seven Rivers of [[Ossiriand]] ([[Gelion]], [[Ascar]], [[Thalos]], [[Legolin]], [[Brilthor]], [[Duilwen]] and [[Adurant]]);
* Seven signatures in red ink required on wills;
* Seven [[Sons of Fëanor]] ([[Maedhros]], [[Maglor]], [[Celegorm]], [[Caranthir]], [[Curufin]], [[Amrod]] and [[Amras]]);
* [[Seven Stars]] representing:
** [[Durin's Crown]];
** The [[Palantíri]];
** The [[Valacirca]]'
* [[Palantíri|Seven Stones]];
* Seven swans taken as a sign by [[Tuor]];
* Seven times [[Fingolfin]] wounded [[Morgoth]], and seven times [[Morgoth]] cried in pain;
* Seven toes on each of each of [[Treebeard]]'s feet;
* Seven [[Valier]] ([[Varda]], [[Yavanna]], [[Nienna]], [[Estë]], [[Vairë]], [[Vána]]  and [[Nessa]]);
* Seven-year term for [[Mayor of Michel Delving|Mayor of the Shire]];
** [[Samwise Gamgee]] was elected Mayor seven times.
* Gandalf wished [[Barliman Butterbur]] his beer seven years of surpassing excellence;
* Eight [[Aratar]].
* Nine black cats of Queen [[Berúthiel]];
* Nine fingers of [[Frodo Baggins|Frodo]];
* Nine fingers of [[Sauron]];
* [[Nine Rings]];
** Nine [[Nazgûl|Ringwraiths]];
* Nine ships of the [[Faithful]];
* [[Nine Walkers]] (Frodo, [[Samwise Gamgee|Sam]], [[Meriadoc Brandybuck|Merry]], [[Peregrin Took|Pippin]], [[Gandalf]], [[Aragorn II|Aragorn]], [[Legolas]], [[Gimli]] and [[Boromir]]).
==See Also==
* [[Quenya numbers]]
* [[Sindarin numbers]]
==External Links==
* [ Three, Seven and Nine] at Mythic Truth
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