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Third Age 492

Adjacent Years

462 480 490 492 500 515 541

Related Years

Related Years
222 310 411 420 492 500 541

Third Age 490

Adjacent Years

Ages of the Children of Ilúvatar
First AgeSecond AgeThird AgeFourth Age
435 462 480 490 492 500 515

Related Years

Related Years
310 490 492 500 541 1851 1899

List of Tolkien Encyclopaedias

Below is a list of all known Tolkien encyclopedias, regardless of the software used.

Tolkien GatewayEnglish11,697Anything Tolkien-related
Encyclopedia of ArdaEnglish3,768Names of people, places, objects and events
One Wiki to Rule Them AllEnglish3,414
Tolkien WikiEnglish2,265
TolkiendilFrenchc. 1,842Names of people, places, objects and events
Thain's BookEnglish1,436Names of people, places, objects and events
Wikiproyecto:TolkienSpanish1,173Tolkien-related articles on Spanish Wikipedia
WikiProject Middle-earthEnglish1,071Tolkien-related articles on English Wikipedia
Annals of ArdaEnglishunknownNames of people, places, objects and events
Wikiproject/TolkienDutch812Tolkien-related articles on Dutch Wikipedia
Tolkien-Online WikiDutch741
Valar Guild Tolkien EncyclopediaEnglishc. 557Names of people, places, objects and events
Проект:Средиземье (Project:Middle-earth)Russianc. 475Tolkien-related articles on Russian Wikipedia
Projet:Terre du MilieuFrench435Tolkien-related articles on French Wikipedia
Der Herr der Ringe WikiGerman414
Władca Pierścieni Wiki (Lord of the Rings Wiki)Polish81
Википалантир (Palantir Wiki)Russian53
WikiProjekt Tolkiens WeltGermanc. 52Tolkien-related articles on German Wikipedia
Seigneur des Anneaux WikiFrench49
Tolkien LanguagesEnglish44
Enciclopédia da Terra-MédiaBrazilian Portuguese39
위키프로젝트 가운데땅 (WikiProject Middle-earth)Koreanc. 35Tolkien-related articles on Korean Wikipedia
LOTR WikiSpanish27
Taru sormusten herrasta WikiFinnish3
One Arda LibraryEnglish and Russianunknown

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