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Tolkien Gateway: Top Editors


This is a list of all editors who have over 500 edits. "Inactive" is defined as any user how hasn't edited in 3 months; and "Editor Since" is the date of the editor's first edit, not their join date. Inactive/Active links direct to a user's contributions, whereas the number of edits points to a break-down of a user's edits.

RankUserEditsActivityEditor SinceNotes
1Hyarion (Talk)24,054Active4 June 2005Founder and Bureaucrat
2Ederchil (Talk)14,044Active12 January 2008Bureaucrat and Adaptations Supervisor
3Morgan (Talk)7,799Active10 April 2009Books Supervisor
4Gilgamesh (Talk)7,015Inactive19 January 2010
5Narfil Palùrfalas (Talk)6,514Inactive11 April 2006
6Mith (Talk)5,363Active7 December 2006Sysop, Community Manager and Dates Supervisor
Mithbot (Talk)4,130Active9 January 2010Bot, owned by Mith
7Sage (Talk)3,950Active30 June 2008
8Ebakunin (Talk)3,790Inactive16 April 2006
9Dwarf Lord (Talk)3,767Inactive28 March 2006
10Tik (Talk)2,152Inactive11 June 2005
11Dr Death (Talk)1,617Active26 December 2006Characters Supervisor
12Theoden1 (Talk)1,425Active2 June 2007
13Fleela (Talk)1,420Inactive9 June 2007
14Mthomas (Talk)1,364Active12 March 2009Music Supervisor
15Pinkkeith (Talk)1,318Active27 February 2009
KingAragorn Bot (Talk)1,237Active5 June 2008Bot, owned by KingAragorn
16Earendilyon (Talk)1,158Active1 February 2006
17Amroth (Talk)1,080Active25 February 2010Games Supervisor
18Tar-Telperien (Talk)975Inactive3 September 2006
19Aule the Smith (Talk)939Active9 February 2008
20Eldarion Telcontar (Talk)857Active8 March 2008
21Quidon88 (Talk)762Inactive15 June 2006
22KingAragorn (Talk)759Active29 August 2007Locations Supervisor
23Þelma (Talk)758Inactive14 June 2008
24Elemmakil (Talk)663Inactive16 October 2005
25Grond (Talk)554Inactive11 December 2008
26Linathiel (Talk)502Inactive10 January 2008

N.B. This page is maintained by Mith; if you have spotted an error contact him on his talkpage.

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