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I am an amateur Tolkienist. I have made up my own world with its own languages, influenced by Tolkien, and have written several poems and started several books based on it. I particularly am interested in Tolkien's writings concerning First Age and previous, as well as Tolkien's poetry such as the Lay of Leithian and Horns of Ylmir. My favorite tale in the legendarium is The Fall of Gondolin.

I am a strong Christian. I am interested in medieval history, and hope to get a Ph.D. in History. I am taking Latin second year. I am also interested in Germanic languages - especially those before Anglo-Saxon, such as Brythonic, Old Welsh, Old Norse, and other Celtic tongues.

My current projects on this site include increasing the size of the articles on the ancient elven-lords, increasing all articles related to the Noldor and Gondolin, and making Tolkien Gateway a more informative place in general. As well, creating Tolkien images in Bryce and Photoshop.

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