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{{user infobox
| image=
| image=
| name=Reallyfat Trollion
| name=Reallyfat Trollion (Anticua Toraukoion)
| othernames= Lord of the Trolls, ''Turolog''
| othernames= Lord of the Trolls, ''Turtorog''
| position=User
| position=User
| language=Urdu, English, Arabic, Quenya, Sindar
| language=Urdu, English, Arabic, Quenya, Sindarin
| location=The Earth
| location=The Earth
| occupation=Student
| occupation=Student

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Reallyfat Trollion (Anticua Toraukoion)
Biographical Information
Other namesLord of the Trolls, Turtorog
LanguageUrdu, English, Arabic, Quenya, Sindarin
LocationThe Earth
Edit Count 84
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Contact Information
Talk pageReallyfat
en-4 This person has a near-native understanding of English.
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lore-3 This user has an advanced understanding of J.R.R. Tolkien's works.
Catherine Karina Chmiel - Feanor.jpg This user believes Fëanor and his sons were mass-murderers with evil aims. But they may still redeem.
John Howe - Icon Free Peoples.jpg This user supports the forces for Good.
DD-Y This user believes the Dagor Dagorath is canonical.
Orcs =
This user believes Elves and Orcs are the same race.
Olanda Fong-Surdenas - The Balrog of Moria.jpg This user believes Balrogs have wings.
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Hi everyone. I am Reallyfat Trollion. I have been reading the works of Tolkien since I was a small child. As a result, I have memorized most of the Professor's works, and I know a great deal about the lore and languages of Middle-earth. You can send me emails, but I never do go check them. So I suppose your best bet would be to leave something on my talk page. Thanks.