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{{user infobox
| image=
| name=Reallyfat Trollion (Anticua Toraukoion)
| othernames= Lord of the Trolls, ''Turtorog''
| position=User
| language=Urdu, English, Arabic, Quenya, Sindarin
| location=The Earth
| occupation=Student
| gender=Male
| email= {{nospam|zain.burney|}}
{{user en-4}}
{{user chrome}}
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{{user feanor evil}}
{{user good}}
{{user dagor-yes}}
{{user orcs are elves}}
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Hi everyone. I am Reallyfat Trollion. I have been reading the works of Tolkien since I was a small child. As a result, I have memorized most of the Professor's works, and I know a great deal about the lore and languages of Middle-earth.
You can send me emails, but I never do go check them. So I suppose your best bet would be to leave something on my talk page. Thanks.
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