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About time I made a user profile.

I have been a Tolkien fan and participant to this wiki for several years. I consider myself a "Tolkienologist"; although I am no way one of the most erudite, I think that Tolkienologists can boast that we love Tolkien's creation the same manner Tolkien himself did; not only as readers. I think that we can admire Arda and see its beauty when we decompose it, and discover the languages, etymologies, family trees, timeline, geography and calendars. Participating to the wiki I have uncovered views on some topics that I never noticed before.

I am working on a primitive "wiktionary" of words (of Elvish and other Tolkien languages), complete with etymology, links between Quenya words with its primitive forms and roots and Sindarin cognates, therefore creating a browsable dictionary in database form, which I expect will be helpful, not only to Elvish linguists, but anyone who'd wish to know more about how languages work.

I also try to reconstruct some maps, heavily based on those by Karen Wynn Fonstad, and some by User:Smeagol; this way I hope TG can avoid using "fair use" maps. To see some of this work, see Historical_Atlas

So, that's it in case you wondered who I am. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Disclaimer: I am a very absent-minded and forgetful person, very prone to typing and syntax mistakes, which I can notice only after I saved my edits. Therefore I work by saving my edits every few seconds and continue with additions and corrections. A new page created by me is complete after my first 3 or 4 edits and improvements follow now and then. I know this "pollutes" an article's history but believe me, I have tried and I can't do otherwise. Apologies and thanks for your understanding :D