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Hello at all! I'm a german Tolkien-fan and live in Brühl, a small city near Cologne. How I "discover" Tolkien for myself? Well, everything began when I saw the The Lord of the Rings Movie-Triology by Peter Jackson in 2001, since then I devour all the books written by J. R. R. Tolkien and his son Christopher Tolkien, especially the The History of Middle-earth series. I'm a great fan of the german Tolkien-artist Anke Katrin Eißmann and I love her pictures and images of the book-characters and the landscape. As you can see, I'm a creative artist, too. The pictures I loaded up, are just a part of a little collection made by myself, I hope you like the style of the pictures?

My user-name on the german website Ardapedia is Sigismund

On a well collaboration!