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KarolinaWegrzyn.jpg Karolina Węgrzyn "Sirielle" is a self taught artist with education in social sciences field. She prefers to work in digital medium with a graphic tablet and Painter IX. Karolina paints mostly fantasy themed portraits, landscapes and illustrations.

In the fandom Karolina contributes in Polish Ennorath project and takes care of Tolkien art gallery at Polish Ranger's of the North site, she also admins Silmarillion club at deviantART.

Quenta Silmarillion is Karolina's favourite tale among the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. She dreams to illustrate it one day.

Her nick name Sirielle hasn't been created in Quenya, but she has been told it has got a meaning in this ancient tongue. Her Quenya epessë is Ontalómë, given by Nifrodel for Karolina's habit of creating by night time and staying awake way too long.

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