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Hello, I am the user Tar-Telperien. As my name indicates, I have, on top of an obsession with all aspects of Arda, a special interest in Númenor and its history (Tar-Telperien was the tenth ruler of Númenor, and the second Ruling Queen). I was introduced to Tolkien's world in the fall of 2001, when I read The Hobbit. It took me a couple tries to get through The Lord of the Rings; I had to read The Silmarillion in between because all the allusions to it in The Lord of the Rings bothered and confused me. However, I am glad I did, because I prefer the material in The Silmarillion, unfinished and imperfect though it may be, to that of the The Lord of the Rings. I found it far more powerful, beautiful, and sad; and it has an epic feel I love.