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Hello, I am the user Tar-Telperien. I grew up in Alaska and now attend university in Canada. I am the youngest of three children, and, being the odd one out, I was always somewhat of a loner and geek. Ever since I was young I have had obsessions with many things, such as dinosaurs, airplanes, and just about anything having to do with animals and geology. In addition to these interests, I read many books, both fiction and nonfiction. It was perhaps inevitable, then, that I would become engrossed in Tolkien's world at some point, a fascination that has finally led me to this Wiki.

In addition to furthering my interests in Arda, I like listening to electronic music, drawing, surfing the internet, reading, and working on my own stories and ideas. Strangely, just before I began reading The Hobbit for the first time, I began work on what has become my own constructed world (or rather continent) called Čtenzai. I have made several accounts of its peoples and legends, but my work on it has stalled due to my preoccupation with Tolkien's writings. Since I began it some time before I read The Silmarillion, I have, I believe, managed to keep it from imitating the Professor's work too much.

My thoughts on the Legendarium (the basic version)

As my name indicates, I have, on top of an obsession with all aspects of Arda, a special interest in the island of Númenor and its history (Tar-Telperien was the tenth ruler of Númenor, and the second Ruling Queen). I was introduced to Tolkien's world in the fall of 2001, when I read The Hobbit. It took me a couple tries to get through The Lord of the Rings; I had to read The Silmarillion in between because all the allusions to it in The Lord of the Rings bothered and confused me. However, I am glad I did, because I prefer the material in The Silmarillion, unfinished and imperfect though it may be, to that of the The Lord of the Rings. I found it far more powerful, beautiful, and sad; and it has an epic feel I love.

[To be finished later.]

My thoughts on the Legendarium (the pretentious version)

[To be finished later.]


If you wish to discuss anything with me, you can contact me on my talk page; or you can try to find me at the TolkienGateway channel on IRC.