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Théoden -- Mighty King of Rohan

I'm proud to pay tribute to a great hero of the Lord of the Rings saga, Théoden, son of Thengel, 17th King of Rohan. He was a commander at both of the great battles of the Trilogy, Helm's Deep and Pelennor Fields. He was slain battling the Lord of the Nazgul on the Pelennor Fields outside Minas Tirith. He was succeeded as King by his nephew, Éomer, who began the third line of Rohan kings.

My Favorite Quotes:

That is a fair lord and a great captain of men. If Gondor has such men still in these days of fading, great must have been its glory in the days of its rising.

--Legolas speaking of Prince Imrahil, ''Return of the King'', The Last Debate'

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