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| name=Vaire
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| othernames=Morgan

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File:Anke Eissmann - Aredhel.jpg
Biographical Information
Other namesMorgan
BirthThird Age 2001
Edit Count 166
Physical Description
Hair colourDark Brown
Eye colourBrown
Contact Information
Talk pageVaire
Other profilesMorgan Ross

Hello I am Vaire a member of Tolkien Gateway. I joined in June 26, 2012 at 4:15. I am new and am having a bit of trouble when making links and refs. in editing. So if you see a link or ref. that is red and nothing links to that in might be me. But I will make sure that it will be fine. If I can't fix that link of ref. I'll get rid of it. But just so you know I might have some trouble.

I named myself Vaire because Vaire was the 2nd person and 1st elf I read about in The book of lost tales 1. She was the Queen of the Valar, and lived in the Halls of Mados.