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Hello I am Vaire a member of Tolkien Gateway. I joined in June 26, 2012 at 4:15. I am new and am having a bit of trouble when making links and refs. in editing. So if you see a link or ref. that is red and nothing links to that in might be me. But I will make sure that it will be fine. If I can't fix that link of ref. I'll get rid of it. But just so you know I might have some trouble.

I named myself Vaire because Vaire was the 2nd person and 1st valar I read about in The book of lost tales 1. She was the Queen of the Valar, and lived in the Halls of Mados.


This is the story of me Vaire (This is don't true).

Vaire was a female valar born in the Third Age 2001, she had no siblings and her birth place and partents is unknown. She appered in 2023 at Minas Tirith where she bought a small shop in the third floor. She came with two elves who where the only people who knew that she was an valar. In the small shop she bought she told people their fortunes, most people thought she was human but some others thought she was a witch because of her powers of being an valar. She never really do much at Minas Tirith, she told peoples fortunes and wondered around the city.

When the War of the Rings started she first thought Gondor had a chance at winning because Boromir was a great fighter, but when he died and Denethor would not let Faramir decide what to do next she thought that Gondor would lose and Minas Tirith would fall. She then decided that she would go back to live with her own kind, but when Gandalf came she decided to stay because Gondor had a better chance winning with Gandalf, but if they lose she would go back with the valar. She was also happy when she found out that Aragorn the heir to the thorn of Gondor would come, since she had no care for Denethor and she would be unhappy if Denethor was going to rule Gondor even more. During the Seige of Gondor she even helped herself by making spells to wipeout large groups of orcs, trolls, catapults, and seige towers. When she saw the Aragon had come she know that Gondor would win. Ater the Seige of Gondor and everyone recovered and it was decided that an army would march apon the Black Gates she decided she would join the army, Aragon let her join because she was an valar and she was just as power full as himself. Vaire foght at the Black Gates intill the The One Ring was destrode. She went back to Minas Tirith and attended the crowning if the king before she let for the Gray Havens and lived the rest of her life with the Valar.


Some of my favorite things: