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| name=Mith
| position=User, [[Tolkien Gateway:Projects#Dates|Dates Project]] Supervisor, Community Manager
| language=[[wikipedia:British English|British English]]
| location=[[wikipedia:Sussex|Sussex]], [[wikipedia:United Kingdom|UK]]
| age=17
| gender=Male
| height=6'0''
| hair=Black
| eyes=Dark brown
| irc=Valarion
| email={{}}
| userboxes={{user admin}}
      {{user en-N}}
      {{user 15000e}}
      {{user 5y}}
      {{user lore-3}}
      {{user ref}}
      {{user irc|Mith}}
      {{user firefox}}
      {{user recentchanges}}
      {{user randompage}}
      {{user wizards}}
      {{user dagor-yes}}
      {{user balrogwings4}}
      {{user entwives2}}
| userboxheight=342px
{{quote|All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.|[[Gandalf]] to [[Frodo Baggins|Frodo]] in ''[[The Fellowship of the Ring]]'', "[[The Shadow of the Past]]"}}
==Daily To-do==
{{#ifexpr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Candidates for speedy deletion}} > 0|*'''DELETE:''' there {{#ifexpr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Candidates for speedy deletion}} > 1|are|is}} {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Candidates for speedy deletion}} [[:Category:Candidates for speedy deletion|page{{#ifexpr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Candidates for speedy deletion}} > 1|s}} to be deleted]]}}{{#switch: {{#time: N}}|1=*'''EDITS:''' update [[Tolkien Gateway:Top Editors]]}}{{#switch: {{#time: j}}|1=*'''MEMBERS:''' update [[Tolkien Gateway:Membership Growth]]}}{{#switch: {{#time: z}}|0=*'''TALK:''' archive your [[User talk:Mith|talk page]]}}{{#if: {{#ifexpr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Candidates for speedy deletion}} > 0|n}}{{#ifexpr: {{#time: N}} = 1|n}}{{#ifexpr: {{#time: j}} = 1|n}}{{#ifexpr: {{#time: z}} = 0|n}}| |There's nothing for you to do! Get on with actual editing.}}
==About Me==
I'm '''Mith''' and I'm a 23-year-old [[Tolkienists|tolkienist]]/tolkienologist/Tolkien-enthusiast (whichever you like) from [ Sussex] in the UK, and I am an ''administrator'', ''community manager'', and ''dates supervisor'' here on the Tolkien Gateway (TG). I have a BA in Politics from the [ University of Sussex], and am working in [[wikipedia:Palace of Westminster|Westminster]]. I have been a member of this website and community for about five years now - although I was aware of it for some time before them - and although my contributions are only modest, I hope they go some way to making this wiki the best online Tolkien resource.
With regards to Tolkien, the areas which really interest me are: [[languages]], [[Tengwar]], genealogies, maps, calendars, and the history of the [[First Age]]. In fact, almost everything within the [[legendarium]]! Beyond TG, I am also a committee member of [[The Tolkien Society]] hoping to modernise its image, events and functions and introduce as many people as possible to the professor's works.
The name ''Mith'' is a contraction of the name [[Gandalf|Mithrandir]] (the [[Sindarin]] name for [[Gandalf]]) which is the name I've used for myself on many Tolkien websites over the last eleven years. I would, like other members, use the [[Quenya]] translation of my name (''Erufailon''), but I personally think it's a bit ugly.
When I'm not here, I enjoy learning about everything in general (I'm a hoarder of useless information), but in particular I really like learning about language (in particular, English history, etymologies of words, etc.), politics (especially British government and politics), and British history. I'm also an avid fan of [ Nintendo], going to the cinema, and eating!
==Current and Future Projects==
* [[Main Page/Development|Creating a new Main Page]]
* <strike>Template for web citations (former {{redlink|[[Template:Hfd]]}})</strike>
* Infoboxes
** Updating and standardisation existing ones
** Adding pronunciation guides to them
** <strike>[[Template:Mallorn]], [[Template:Mallornnav]] and [[Template:Amonhen]]</strike>
** <strike>Audiobook infobox</strike>
** <strike>LOTRO infobox</strike>
** <strike>Extend [[T:Book]] (see [[wikipedia:Template:Infobox book|Wikipedia's]])</strike>
* <strike>Who; what?; when?; where? link etc.</strike>
* <strike>Redlink template</strike>
* [[Timeline]] and years:-
** Making sure that all date-related wanted-pages are created
** <strike>Updating existing dates so they contain all relevant information</strike>
** <strike>Moving date articles to European date format</strike>
** Altering all the day articles so Shire Reckoning dates in "[[Appendix B|The Tale of Years]]" are ''correctly'' converted to the Gregorian calendar
** Extending the information on [[:Category:Middle-earth Calendars|calendars]]
** <strike>Bibliographic information</strike>
*** <strike>See [ here] (start with 1945) and [;f=5;t=000211 here]</strike>
* Work on [[Durin's Folk]]
* To further, and expand, the articles on the <strike>[[Kings of Arnor|Arnorian]] and</strike> [[Kings of Gondor|Gondorian]] Kings
** Re-visit the Kings of Arnor as the bar I set for myself is now higher
* Creating templates for articles (along the lines of previous ones like [[Template:northernline|this]] - see my [[User:Mith/Sandbox|my sandbox]] for some in progress)
* [[Locations]] (especially those of [[The Shire]])
** <strike>[[Eriador]]</strike>, [[Rhûn]] and The Shire are all on my hit-list
* [[Hobbits]] (continue with [[Took Family|Tooks]] first)
* [[Constellations]], [[:Category:Cosmology|cosmology]] and astronomy
** Start with [[Carnil]] (see [[Talk:Carnil|its talk page]])
* <strike>Anything [[:Category:Maps|map]]/[[Maps|map]]-related</strike>
* [[Songs]] and [[:Category:Poems|poems]]
* [[Forum:TG Advent: 30 Improved pages for the New Year]]
* [[Wizards]]
* <strike>Sorting out the mess that is [[:Category:Disambiguation|disambiguation]]</strike>
* [[Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]]
* [[:Category:Portals|Portals]]
* [[:Category:Tolkien Gateway|Policy]] and [[:Category:Help|Help]]
* [[Structural references|Arda Structural Format]]
* New skins for TG
** <strike>Fixing Ithilien to work with 1.17</strike>
*** Fixing <nowiki><ul> and <ol></nowiki> error with thumbnails
** Fixing Cavendish to work in 1.17
* Generally tidying and minor edits
'''Character:''' [[Gandalf]] (following very closely by [[Fingolfin]])<br/>
'''Location:''' [[Gondolin]] (followed by [[Tirion]])<br/>
'''Quote:''' ''see [[User:Mith#top|the top of the page]]<br/>
'''Book:''' ''[[The Book of Lost Tales Part One]]'' (forget, ''[[The Children of Húrin]]'', this should be edited and released in a separate book)<br/>
'''Chapter:''' Not strictly chapters, but, the ''[[Ainulindalë (chapter)|Ainulindalë]]'' and the ''[[Valaquenta]]'' (in ''[[The Lord of the Rings]]'' I'm rather keen on "[[The Council of Elrond]]" and "[[The Grey Havens]]")<br/>
'''Era:''' [[First Age]]<br/>
'''Film Scenes:''' "[[The Council of Elrond (scene)|The Council of Elrond]]", "[[The Bridge of Khazad-dûm (scene)|The Bridge of Khazad-dûm]]" and "[[The Lighting of the Beacons]]"
*[[User talk: Mith|My Talk Page]]
*[[Special: Contributions/Mith|My Contributions]]
*[[User:Mith/Collection|My Collection]]
*[[User:Mith/Sandbox|My Sandbox]]
*[[User:Mith/Sandbox2|My Second Sandbox]]
*[[User:Mith/sig|My Signature]] (if you want one of your own, see [[Help:Signatures]])
*[[User:Mithbot]], my bot for automatic editing of repetitive and tedious tasks
**[[Special:Contributions/Mithbot|Mithbot's Contributions]]
**[[User:Mithbot/Scripts|Mithbot's Scripts]]
**Mithbot's Talk Page is located at [[User talk: Mith|my talk page]] instead

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